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A.A. Williams: In Review

Words cannot express how talented A.A. Williams is, a refreshing voice in the

Post-Rock/ Post-Metal music scene. For me personally, I have always enjoyed the experimental nature of both these genres and how they bring texture to sound with ease. Breaking onto the scene in 2019 she really has risen high already making stage with her otherworldly voice and fantastic songs.

Forever Blue was released back in 2020, melancholic in nature it is juxtaposed against the explosions of sounds to create urgency, a surge of emotion and power that we all feel at times. She uses instruments as a guide to show off these feelings, lifting you high then bringing you back down abruptly to a slower pace. The use of this dynamic range within the album is signature of both Post-Rock and Post-Metal, yet it is her voice that truly sets her centre stage within these genres. Take iMelt' as an example of this, she uses the power of the instruments and the flow of her voice to feel energy almost bringing you to a tear at times while still feeling the kick of percussion and guitar. 'I'm Fine' and 'Dirt' is a grand example of how she can also utilise acoustic sounds to create an otherworldly, orchestral creations while still commiting to feeling of dejection, it truly moves you.

Songs from Isolation is her 2021 release that feature covers of well know songs with her iconic, melancholy twist making the songs seem new and refreshing. Two of my favourites being her rendition of 'Nights in White Satin' by the Moody Blues and 'Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans' by The Smashing Pumpkins, making each uniquely her sound.

'Exit into Darkness' was a big hit for A.A. Williams back in '19 as she collaborated on the MONO track (who are big players in the Post-Rock scene). Her voice pairs perfectly with MONOs iconic sequencing of instrumental and turbulent sounds creating an track full of aching beauty. Just listen, you'll understand.

I saw her live in Manchester in September '21, it was an intimate gig which mirrored perfectly with her aesthetic - slightly gothic yet dramatically classical. Her voice filled the hall, the instrumental breaks captivating, it was an experience that was one of the best gigs of 2021 for myself. I cannot wait to see her live again and I am very excited to see her grow and see what her next album has to offer.

This is merely a screenshot into A.A. Williams, she is one to watch! please check her out below on her Instagram @aawilliamsmusic, she is currently playing at ArcTanGent Festival in the summer of 2022 - check it out here

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