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A True Neo-Soul Star | Pip Millett

Introducing - Her

Soulful, vibrant, emotional and talented is how we would describe Pip Millett, we have been a fan of her for some time - especially her recent debut album 'When Everything Is Better, I'll let You Know', we knew we would have to see her live!

The O2 Ritz welcome Pip Millett’s sincere and captivating presence to the stage. She brought out Kwaku Asante as her support act - an artist who is hard to tie to one particular category with his music having several influences (Indie, Soul and R&B to name a few) creating a powerful performance with songs that sit in the sphere between these genres - a perfect blend. Charismatic and not afraid to approach the audience, he set the tone well for the evening and put the crowd at ease with his persona. A great start to the gig - we’ll definitely be checking out Kwaku’s future shows.

Then it was time for the main event, Pip Millett. Even though Pip didn’t immediately approach the audience it was clear that this show was a big deal to her. She opened with one of her most well-known songs, giving us a blissful rendition of “Heavenly Mother” setting that familiar tone of R&B with a Neo-Soul twist that her fans love and crave. When she first spoke to the crowd she seemed to have a pinch-me-moment where she realised what she had achieved. Having just released her debut album this October, here she was performing at the venue she had been in love with since she was a child.

She has been making noise on the scene, and rather quickly too, with BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, Kiss and Apple Music backing her up and giving her an incredible platform. she is really coming into her own as an artist and that was very evident as the gig went on.

The night was like a homecoming of sorts, Pip grew up living between Manchester and Stockport before later moving to London to study music. This meant that she understood the relevance of The Ritz to all of us in the crowd, knowing how to work the space with ease. Any nerves Pip might have felt about this overwhelming moment where quickly brushed away as she connected with the packed out venue, ensuring that even the fans at the back were engaged, joking about regretting her outfit choice as her mic pack kept messing up her skirt and about her ex (who she boldly pointed out in the crowd) who introduced her to alternative outlooks in life. In every interaction with the crowd she seemed to become more confident and joyous to be on the stage -this energy was infections and it felt like everyone in the room was vibing with her.

She shared the personal stories behind her songs, with a particularly vulnerable moment where she reflected on her relationship with her Dad, his death and the sadness she felt that he couldn’t witnesses her success – her candidness was met with a wealth of support from everyone in the venue. Vulnerability was a theme that ran throughout the night, in her lyrics, her delivery and her performance, something which translated powerfully when she performed my favourite song "Runnin (Feat. Ghetts)"Feeling pretty foggy ‘bout my feelings, ‘bout myself. Black and free I don’t think that’s a thing, no, no” the line that first brought me to Pip and made me want to explore her entire discography. The line is so confrontational yet, she it delivered so calmly - truly beautiful.

It's the sentimental value of her music which connects her listeners, she touches upon themes that everyone endures, even though sometimes it is painful. There is deep beauty attached and sometimes is a necessity to face them head on. Even though she is young, her music is beyond mature and wise, It is like she sees the world in a different way to the majority and is a true artist in terms of how she expresses her outlook. Songs like "Make me Cry", "Walk Away" & "Try A Little Tenderness" are prime examples of this - we implore you to go listen.

Pip Millett - Her debut album which came out in Oct this year has already become a fan fave!

The time went by quickly, before we knew it it was 11pm and that was it... the end! the crowd started to shout encore but alas, the lights popped on and the chatter of excitement and the smell of dopamine exited the venue.

We can’t wait until the next time we see Pip perform, when she’s next in Manchester we’ll have tickets and so should you!


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