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And So I Watch You from Afar - Thursday 16th June Review

We have a special place for the Post-Rock, Math-Rock & Post-Metal scene here at Acid Rain as it doesn't take centre stage in mainstream music. These genres have so much to offer in terms of skill and production. The music produced is intricate and technical, which is often coupled with long winding, emotion-filled atmospheric melodies and hard breaks which entrance you. The songs are often long, but take you on a journey and are well worth the listen.

And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA), an Irish band that has gained a strong following over the past decade, has played a few times in England. Unfortunately not in Manchester this time round... So we went to them in Sheffield where they played at The Network. The city centre seemed to be a ghost town, yet the music echoed through the streets, pathing the way for our evening. Upon entering friendly northern faces emerged and we were ushered into the oddly humid venue.

We arrived as Sheffield-based Dead In Latvia played; one guitarist and one drummer igniting the stage with explosive Mathgrind performance, working in sync and playing with ferocity. They gave a taste of the music that would similarly be played throughout the evening, very Tenacious D vibes!

After a short interlude, Dead Cosmonauts graced us with their presence. The crowds filled out, nodding in unison as they started to play a melodic and well-thought set on the side of the Post-Metal genre. Giving us high energy and a passion which you could hear in their music, they played to the audience and were memorable. Before the night we had not heard of them, upon going home we became obsessed with their 2020 release which you can find here on Spotify

After another pint of lovely Strongbow Dark Fruits (No judgement), we were ready for the main event. Their iconic strip lights were placed on stage, the venue became a hub of excitement and then ASIWYFA finally took centre stage.

The four piece songs new, old and unreleased. to us Playing with the crowd, as they danced, not swayed but actually grooved to their most notorious songs. making you feel free and alive with their music, they played songs such as 'Big Things Do Remarkable' and songs from both their newest album 'Jettison' and 'The endless Shimmering'

The band has oozes talent, musical diversity and atmosphere. They were inspiring as you see that what they produce is full of passion.

All in all they left us wanting more as the crowds screamed with glee.

They took their time to interact with the audience and in turn were celebrated all around.

Not only does the band wow you with their energy on stage but they are also humble in person and serve as great example of what Post- Rock/ Math Rock is for those who haven't explored the genre. We cannot wait to see what ASIWYFA will create in the future, and we will be behind them every single step of the way.

Whereas their older albums are amazing, and worth listening to, check out their new drop ‘Jettison’ here on Spotify and follow them on instagram @asiwyfa_music


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