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Electrifying Euphoria:The Warehouse Project Season 2023 Ignites the Night

In the realms of musical euphoria, where nocturnal souls seek solace and rhythm, a grand celebration awaits in the heart of Manchester. Adorned with recent accolades that have etched its name in the annals of clubbing history, The Warehouse Project stands proud as the world's most adored haven for dance aficionados. Embracing the city's prestigious honour in the Public First Night Out Index 2023, Manchester's magnetic allure as a nocturnal wonderland adds fervour to the forthcoming season, promising yet another indelible experience for clubbers.

Embarking on an enthralling journey through soundscapes, The Warehouse Project unveils a stellar lineup, uniting musical luminaries from near and far. Amongst the fervent rendezvous of souls, an eagerly awaited debut shall transpire. On a momentous Friday evening, the illustrious producer Black Coffee graces the Concourse stage, emanating a captivating aura fresh from his triumphant Hï Ibiza residency. As a Grammy-award winner, Black Coffee's mastery transcends boundaries, imbuing the dance floor with the soulful essence of his South African roots.

At Depot Mayfield, Gorgon City embraces the grandeur of their Salvation tour, conjuring a mesmerising showcase destined to leave an indelible mark on Friday 6th October.

Venturing further into the season's embrace, the Grammy-nominated luminary, Fisher, makes a resounding return, commanding the spotlight with his magnetic energy on Friday the 13th of October. Having soared to prominence through his electrifying Hï Ibiza residency, this surfer-turned-DJ luminary unleashes an unparalleled frenzy within the walls of Depot Mayfield.

Amidst the ethereal symphony of techno and electronica, Boiler Room makes an unprecedented statement with its grandest Manchester showcase on Saturday the 14th of October. As the vibrations resonate through the air, Overmono, Moodymann, Joy Orbison, VTSS, Barry Can't Swim, and more shall grace the sacred decks, beaming their performances live to the world.

The sonic odyssey continues, as the enigmatic Camelphat return on Saturday the 21st of October, crafting an exclusive Northern headline show for 2023. With a hand-picked ensemble featuring Ben Böhmer (live), Rebūke, and Layla Benitez, an enchanting experience awaits the faithful congregants.

From the heart of London's electronic heartland, FUSE voyages northward on Friday the 27th of October, accompanied by Enzo Siragusa, Apollonia, RPR Soundsystem, Chris Stussy, and the bewitching Sonja Moonear. A symphony of nocturnal delights awaits, promising the UK's grandest Halloween spectacle.

As shadows grow long and the spirits awaken, Halloween unfurls its mystical embrace on Saturday the 28th of October. The Warehouse Project conjures an eerie wonderland featuring Annie Mac, Chaos In The CBD, Dan Shake, Sarah Story, and more to awaken the night's mystical charms.

Beyond borders, The Warehouse Project forays into foreign realms, captivating Antwerp, Belgium, with its debut international show. With Waagnatie's riverside industrial complex as the chosen altar, Bicep, TSHA, KI/KI, and other titans commandeer the night, imbuing it with a euphoric fervor reserved only for the most momentous occasions.

Uniting the forces of Worried About Henry, Crucast, and Garage People, Friday the 10th of November becomes a testament to the almighty power of drum and bass and garage. As the legendary Andy C, Sub Focus, Crucast, Skepsis + AD, and Flava D unite, the dancefloor transforms into an electrifying vortex of sound and movement.

Gathering momentum, the enchanting Patrick Topping returns on Saturday the 11th of November, curating the TRICK label showcase at Depot Mayfield. Alongside the illustrious Green Velvet, Alan Fitzpatrick, Hannah Laing, Schak, and more, an auditory adventure unfurls, leaving revellers enchanted in its wake.

Bringing the curtains down upon this symphonic odyssey, The Haçienda returns to Depot Mayfield on Saturday the 2nd of December. With live performances by the iconic Ian Brown, Leftfield, Soul II Soul, Inner City, and mesmerizing DJ sets by David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri From Paris, and more, this homecoming extravaganza shall etch unforgettable memories in the hearts of all who bear witness.

Beyond the horizons of ordinary existence, The Warehouse Project Season 2023 emerges as a celestial marvel, inviting one and all to immerse themselves in its otherworldly embrace. The journey is yours to savour, as musical wonders of unparalleled excellence await at every turn. Surrender to the rhythmic enchantment, and let the dance floor weave its spell in the grand tradition of The Warehouse Project.

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Tickets for some events are already on sale now! With general sales that open on Thursday 10am - sign up here and make sure to follow WHP to ensure you ain't missing any beat this season.

Follow Acid Rain as we embark on this amazing season in MCR.

As always, see you at the front 🤘

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