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How Cosmic Can You Go? Space Disco

Now, we all know Disco - from Nile Rogers, Sister Sledge, Boney M and so on... and as Iconic as they may be, nothing quite beats the funky sounds of Space Disco. The cousin to mainstream Disco, it originally emerged from Europe creping out from the mid-late 70's that took the genre and added oscillating layers of electronica and sci-fi sounds. Italy was notorious for this and created their own sub-genre - Italo Disco.

Also, side note Bongos! You have to have some bongos thrown in to give it some woody timbre. Can't forget it.

First up, the 'Hills of Kathmandu' by Tantra - 1979. When this special gem popped into existence, the craze of all things Sci-Fi was high in the air on the back of the end of the Disco Era . Italian Euro-Disco group Tantra really embodied what we would assume Space Disco is - hard hitting beat of 45RPM, coupled with fantastic euphoric voices and exotic escapism.

Over the past 25 years it has been Norway that has pioneered a revival in the genre, trickling into the house scene, incorporating more ambient sounds with sleeker finishes. It embodies a sense of crispness, fulfilling a modern role whilst still staying true to its 80's roots. Synths are still prominent throughout the genre as is the sci-fi sound effects which we all love.

Tore Andreas "Erot" Kroknes was only 23 when he unfortunately passed away in 2001. Up until that point he was well known within the House scene, pioneering new and unique sounds with heavy instrumentals. Leaving his mark in his hometown of Bergen he worked with other artists like Bjørn Torske, who were deeply influenced by his sound. His most notable song has to be 'Song For Annie' - his girlfriend at the time which samples The Crusaders song 'Sweet 'N' Sour' from 1977.

Lindstrøm is highly contemporary and fun, he is an internationally renowned Artist who is perhaps one of the most iconic DJ within this genre. I can go into deep depth into his music, but for now I want to leave you with this magical piece of music - 'Where You Go I Go'. If there was a party on Pluto, this is what I would expect to hear and nothing less.

As mentioned before, Bjørn Torske is a badass within the Disco scene in Norway. He is highly influential and revered, working with other artists like Erot and Prins Thomas (Who Lindstrom often collabs with). The past two decades have catapulted his career, he is known for his use of progressive electronica coupled with trance like dance music. 'Clean Air' from his 2018 Byen has to be my favourite.

Tunnlevisions, A Dutch Electronica band. Quirky and experimental, they are more progressive than their Scandinavian counterparts, bringing to the forefront a deeper Acid House vibe to their sets. Here's 'Raindance' for their 2019 release.

I wanted to bring it all back to Italy with Fabrizio Mammarella. His music likes to incorporate a lot more 80s vibes to the mix, as if he tips a hat to the past. Naughtily nostalgic, his music is uplifting and true to the Space-Disco wonderment. He has some amazing EPs, like 'Mercator' here << that more people should listen to!

I wanted to end it on this mashup between Fabrizio Mammarella and Lauer. Enough said; it's awesome.

This is only a small fraction of this widely diverse genre. For the love Space Disco vibes and its fantastic array of colours. Please check out our Spotify to listen to more wonderful tracks within the genre. Let's get lost together!


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