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Ideal Husband - Sad Bastard Blues (SBB) review

Sad Bastard Blues (SBB), the new single from newly reformed Ideal Husband will crash onto the scene on the 29th of April. We had the amazing chance to review it before it came out!


Coming in strong with a totally ethereal, old-time Blues ballad, Ideal Husband blurs the lines between old Madchester sounds and well establishes Shoegaze melodies. Taking obvious influences from the Kings and Queens like Suede, MBV and Slowdive.

The band dub themselves as "unapologetically queer Neo-Shoegaze", putting their stamp on the scene with this first single.

The vocals are the main ingredient of this dish, while the rest of the instruments work in support led by a steady riff which runs throughout. As the song progresses, the band rises in intensity forming an overwhelming sensation which is full of passion and rawness.

With sorrow and power that would make Joan Baez proud, the vocal power of lead singer Abbi leads you to be hauntingly seduced and left to feel vulnerable. The use of intense instrumentals by the rest of the band fills the room and hits your core, complementing the emotions of the song well.

The riff is simple, the voice explosive. This is a combination that lures you in, holds you and only lets you go at the end.

All in all, we are impressed with the first single from Ideal Husband Band and look forward to hearing what else they have to come.

Check out the single in full on April 29th down below and follow them @ideal_husband_band

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