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Kurupt FM - Manchester Academy

If you don't know who they are they are Beats (Hugo Chegwin) and Grindah (Allan Mustafa) in the hit TV show People Just Do Nothing that brought Garage music back to the masses, reviving not only the genre but Craig David's Career too. Accompanied by Stevie (producer and beloved character), Decoy (DJ and Mate of B&G) and finally Chabuddy G (Comedian Asim Chaudry). They run an illegal, poorly managed Garage radio Station Kurupt FM -108.9 in Hounslow, London. Shenanigans ensue as they try to 'Make it' in the world of music.

Now, I have seen People just Do Nothing, I am fully away of the characters, music and overall tone the PJDN Crew want to exude. I have been with them on their first tour, and I have seen them at Festivals. They have always been a fun set to see, funny and full of entertainment. This time round, it was clear they had a bigger and younger audience to entertain.

First up was Decoy - He plays a mixture of different genres, whenever I have seen him in the past he normally brings Trap, House, DnB, Garage and Grime merging the tracks flawlessly. However, this time around, it felt like he was missing something. The majority of people were there for a night full of Garage music, and just more hard hitting tempos which is understandable. His set didn't flow as it has in the past, it seemed to be always fluctuating between tempos which as the warm up act should be hyping the audience. The crowd at one point screamed "Play Garage"... his reaction? To play 'wonderwall' by Oasis, as to tick off Mancunians? I don't know, seemed a bit passive and anti-climactic. Perhaps a bit too tongue in cheek - although you could argue, very Kurupt FM.

When the Team came on (with Chabuddy G - not seen that before), the crowd rose and screamed in childish delight, flinging the iconic K signage into the air. So began a very fun, wonderful set. They played their Greatest Hits which included tunes off their two albums. Highlights such as 'I don't Smoke', 'Suttin Like That', 'It's a Kuruption Ting', 'Dreaming' and 'Aldona' by Chabuddy G (which was fantastic).

As it got going it became vibrant and full of energy. they bounced off each other with ease and delivered the mighty personalities to which we have all grown to love. Costume changes, sick Garage tunes and loads of comedic breaks - it was a night that mimicked the TV show perfectly.

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