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Roundhouse Rising Festival 2023

A convocation of emerging talents and rising stars, Roundhouse Rising is more than a festival; it's a revelation of music's future, an unveiling of artists who are destined to grace tomorrow’s headlines. Every melody and lyric spun within this sacred space is charged with the potent energy of potential and promise.

Workshops that cultivate skill, panels that incite thoughtful dialogue, and networking events that weave intricate connections, make Roundhouse Rising more than a celebration—it’s a crucible of growth. Here, young artists aren’t just seen; they are nurtured, guided, and propelled into the expansive skies of artistic endeavour.

As we delve into the visual and auditory spectacle of Roundhouse Rising 2023, each image and note is a testament to a journey. From the soul-stirring performances of Faker Villain and Amy Adiaga to the evocative tones of Gigi Williams and Tendertwin, every frame and sound captures an ephemeral moment of musical alchemy, forever echoing the indomitable spirit of the Roundhouse Rising Festival.

All 📸 by Jay Fisher

Here our our highlights:

Faker Villain

FV are a collective that take you on a spiritual journey with their music. They introduced their sound with slowly rising sonics blending from bass, drums and saxophone - guiding us through a mythical quest, all heroes in the narrative; seamlessly cut to the scene us running for our lives through exotic jungles. Their musicianship collectively was tight and their storytelling flawless altogether. They have a unique ability to drive every emotion through your body during a set, willing us towards infinity in a beautiful, thunderous storm. The young group clearly have spark to thrill and the feeling of numerous lifetimes of experiences coming together in a moment for us in this collaborative between BBC Introducing and RoundHouse Rising. There’s a lot more adventures on the horizon for FV, and we wouldn’t be surprised to find them soundtracking some not-too-distant A24 production. An incredible opening act for Roundhouse rising, with a flawlessly improvised set, keep your ears peeled for more of their music!


Amy Adiaga

Amy’s set was a multi-lingual, multi-instrumented wonder of the night. Racking up some serious rhythm on the double bass with flawless energy. She brought a humble and graceful energy to us at Roundhouse Rising with her newest single 'Nephi', changing the pace to a gentle piano-lead song. Adiaga’s gratefulness was felt across the room, you could feel how she felt, owning the room in her own right. . With the accompaniment of her fellow musicians and vocalists, this was a melodic, tempo-tapping set that truly uplifted an already wonderful night.


Naima Adams

With unbridled emotion, Naima Adams returned to her artistry, delivering heartfelt songs that explore the multifaceted nature of love. The genuine connection between Adams, her music, and the audience painted Roundhouse Rising with strokes of intimacy, emotion, and musical splendour.

------------------------------- Day Two----------------------------------

Gigi Williams

Gigi Williams opened the second night with a soul-touching performance, her vocals paired with dreamy synth sounds really hit the mark. Every note is a dance, enticing feet to tap in unison and hips to sway rhythmically, ensnared in the magical allure of the music. Such is the captivating spell cast by Williams' performance - A wonderful way to open up night two of Roundhouse Rising.



Tendertwin graced the stage with an upbeat, folky music performance imbued with a dark, melancholic essence. The Turkish singer’s powerful set, oscillating between the political and personal, left an indelible mark. Every note and expression unveiled a deeper layer of emotion, making the audience anticipate her upcoming musical offerings with bated breath.


Hohnen Ford

Hohnen Ford’s engagement with her audience was palpable. Each song, delivered with immaculate range and emotion, induced a collective feeling of longing and yearning. Couples held each other closer, and the unaccompanied wished to be enveloped in the warm embrace of another, testament to Ford’s ability to touch the soul with her music. if you want to feel what I felt, think of 'When She Loved Me' in Toy Story 2 (Jessie's song) and multiply it with more heart and depth.


In all, we can safely say that year's years extravaganza demonstrated a spectacular amalgamation of musical talents. Each artist, endowed with a distinct musical signature, contributed to a musical narrative that was as diverse as it was unified. In a world increasingly defined by diversity, the festival stands as a testament to the unifying power of music, echoing the intricate rhythms and melodies that define our collective human experience.


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