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Saffran & Acea | "GO"

This is one for your hazy playlists, an escapism into the ethereal - "Go" by Saffran & Acea. With tantalising lyrics from Saffran the British-Jamaican/ Swedish singer, who has come together with producer Acea, to deliver new and exciting times for the RnB genre. Her focus in music is to make alternative R&B and funk/disco pop, taking influence from amazing artists such as Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu to name but a few. Back in 2019, she entered the spotlight with her debut single "you", now she is back to offer you another instalment.

"Go" is the latest track from Saffran & Acea who have collaborated to bring us a delicious combination of dream pop hysteria and zingy synth madness, which lifts you up high to float amongst the clouds. We had the amazing chance to review it in full.

Acea, AKA Viktor Hannell-Bonde is a Swedish producer and songwriter. Growing up in Stockholm, Acea was influenced musically by the upsurge of electronic dance music that oozed out of the city during the mid-00s and early 2010s. Making his mark from the age of 14 by creating and uploading tracks which were inspired by artists such as Axwell, Steve Angello and Avicii, he grew exponentially as a producer. Being scouted by infamous Swedish label Size Records, he has developed his skill and laid his musical talents out on the table for all to see. He is known on the Stockholm contemporary Hip-Hop scene, for working with Yung Lean and rapper A$AP Ferg.

Swedish Producer Acea collaborates with Saffran for "Go"

Acea plainly says on the song:

"The sound is timeless yet familiar, nostalgia seeps into every fibre of the song's production".

We couldn't agree more, it sends us into a simpler past as we let ourselves go when listening to the song. Something sits right in the ears, could it be the fizzle-pop baseline, the dulcet sounds of Saffran or the tantalising lyrics of the tune... or all three? What we do know is that the song stood out to us as it being a motif of reflection and growth.

British-Jamaican/ Swedish raised singer songwriter Saffran

Saffran says:

"Go" is about feeling the urge to leave a place or person, to be able to grow and get a new perspective on situations" .

We all can understand and relate to this in some way, whether it be a situation of the past or present, so perhaps this is why we have had it on repeat for the entire week!

This isn't the duo's first rodeo together, last year (2021) they released "Bliss" which brings a sleek visage to the RnB Genre, with its underground chicness and punchy breakbeats, the two do know how to come together to create great music.

Saffran & Acea work well together, they have been friends for a long time and can clearly create songs that infuse multiple genres without it feeling like overkill. We look forward to hearing more from both of them, whether it be together or solo.


Saffran : tiktok // INSTAGRAM // YouTube


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