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Seb Lowe : Half-Decent Album Review

First popping up to me on Tik-Tok, 18 year old Seb lowe shone bright for his punchy, unapologetically Northern songs that fling fun jabs at politics and the world we live in today.

Seb Lowe : Half-Decent Album

For this reason, I was interested to see what his album, Half-Decent would provide. First up is 'Kill Him(He's a Socialist)' a brilliant introduction to entire album, and really sets the bench for what is to come. Seb mesmerises you with his leftist ideals and a voice that any true Northerner would be proud of.

He puts humour into politics that only a northerner with the weight of a Tory government could give. 'iPhone' provides an insight to the capitalist centered man which takes off the rose-tinted glasses around today's society and its crippling addiction to materialism. A good tickle, I'll give him that.

'Freak' instantly stood out to me as it provides a poignant view into mental health and how we can feel under the pressure and actions of the media, government and general society. The inherent message that flows is that we continue to sculpt ourselves around a specifically designed world, becoming numb and even radical in our mindsets and in the end feeling like a Freak. Simple, thoughtful and again, packs a sincere message.

'The Human Race' is a piercing spoken word that is raw, moving and just- will anyone listen? I hope so... It makes you take a step back and think for a second, resonating with what I personally feel, and hopefully others have during this whole pandemic. He highlights the utter failings of our, and most Governments around the world in terms of social morality and greed. You don't need to be in the UK to understand the message, a strong political sentiment.

Overall, every single song is catchy, confident and witty , it acts as statement art providing a perfect commentary on today's society... even if it is sad. After listening his album, I will be going to see him live at some point. Absolutely gutted I missed his first gig at Night & Day in Manchester, But Lowe and behold (get it?) - he has another one on the 7th May @ Gorilla - buy his tickets here.

Half-Decent? Nah, pretty damn decent - give Seb Lowe a listen on Spotify here.

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