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Jay Fisher

- Music Photographer -

Born and raised in East London, Jay is a music photographer with a keen eye for capturing moments of raw emotion and personality in live performances. His technical training and characteristic exploration create impactful contrasts in his imagery, enhancing his subjects in a way that visually complements their musical artistry.

For documentary work, Jay takes a fly on the wall approach with artists beyond the stage performances, from green rooms to rehearsals and studio spaces, giving a personal insight into behind the scenes photography.

He interacts with music photography in a way of storytelling, showcasing the best of the artists, venues and everything in between.

Andrew Wasylyk

@ Halle St. Michaels - Manchester

This performance with Andrew Wasylyk and his musical ensemble was reminiscent of life, the moments between the highs and lows, strolling in parks with friends and the journey between home and destination. The projections showing behind the musicians complemented the uplifting, sometimes melancholy tones of Wasylyk’s music, with calming movement and flares of colour gracing the backdrop. A lovely performance throughout, and topped with moments of reminiscing to fill in the stories behind the creation of beautiful music

Andrew Wasylyk is a Scottish composer and producer, known for his atmospheric compositions in which he is influenced by elements from the environment in Scotland - his music is reflective, solitary and beautiful as he takes you on a journey of nostalgia and magic. Read more about him via the button below.

Maverick Sabre

@ Albert Hall - Manchester

Maverick Sabre’s gig at Manchester’s Albert Hall was one of few shows that I’ve been to where the crowd met the music and rose to the incredibly powerful energy of the artists on stage. Stafford’s (a.k.a. Mav's) voice was controlled and true throughout, carrying nostalgic waves of his 10 year re-release of Lonely Are the Brave (Mav’s Version), with hits like "Memories" making the crowd move and sing in absolute unison. His soulful tones morphed across audience hands reaching skywards throughout most of his set. His band were equally as impressive, a perfectly oiled machine of musical artistry coming together, and Maverick’s performance was only enhanced by the talent on stage with him; his appreciation and respect for their musicality was palpable and celebrated throughout the show. As a closer we got to relive "I Need" - a classic of Mav’s original works, ending the night with a tangible buzz that I’m sure will be carried across all the shows next on his tour.

Multi-genre singer, rapper, and guitarist Maverick Sabre, known for his soulful voice and lyrics he rocketed to success off the back of his 2012 album 'Lonely are the Brave' in which he grew dedicated fan base.

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