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An Interview with My Nu Leng & Dread MC

Ah, My Nu Leng, a name that instantly transports me back to my early days as a music writer. I remember it vividly; it was my very first gig review, a memorable night during my final year at university. It was a Hidden afterparty, hidden in the depths of the underground scene. My encounter with their music at that moment felt like a revelation, whispering to my soul that if this is what the world of music writing had to offer, then I was more than eager to sign up for the journey.

My Nu Leng is notorious for their genre-blurring mixes, effortlessly weaving together the intricate threads of Drum & Bass, Hardstep, UK Garage, Breaks, and Speed Garage. It's a sonic cocktail that packs a punch and leaves you in awe. Phwoar👊

We all know tracks such as 'Gully', 'Soul Shake' and 'Masterplan', but where do the stand now in the wake of their 10 years of My Nu Leng tour? I sit down with the duo - Jammo & Tommy with Dread MC who were performing together at this years Beatherder Festival up in Clitheroe.


A: Let's start from the beginning, how did you guys meet?

J: Dread probably remembers it better than me, we were always intoxicated

T: Of course we were intoxicated it was an afters...

D: I was a fan of their music anyway, and they had the 'party house' back in Bristol. Basically, I like to stay to the bitter end, I like to socialise and I don't drink, so I am always the designated driver. I'd be coming back from different cities at like 3/4am in the morning and when I'd get back to Bristol I knew where I could go... The Party House. I'd always pop in because it was on the way home. Literally, walk in through their front door and be like "Hey, what's happening!". I didn't even know what they looked like, I just knew their tunes.

J: Yeah the neighbours didn't like us as we always had people over there...

D: Yeah! I thought my style would really suit them though at that point so I started collaborating with them

J: We were working with a few people at the time... started to whittle them down... but us and Dread, we just had a vibe yano.

D: Yeah, we connected really quickly.


A: Let's go back to '16, what was the music scene like back then?

J: It was different... It was a lot more free - you could cross genres and be more free in style but now it is a lot more boxed in... I hate to say it cos I sound like I'm old, but this 'tik-tok' generation, they seem to want us to only play our top songs and that's it. Whereas in the past, people wanted to hear a good mix. Like if we brought in a techno tune we know they'd be like "oooo, wow" and not in a good way.


J: Back in the day it was like, we could play music from all different genres of music in a way to educate people, but now it's a harder job to do that. I mean, don't get us wrong, we love our job and the fans but it is a lot harder now as they wanna hear what they wanna hear, and have no surprises.

D: Saying that, I feel this year in particular feels like people are coming out of the Covid slump and are reverting back to the 'old ways'. It just feels more natural."

J: We all grew up on samples, raves and house parties

D: We grew up on bootlegs. It was a completely different culture back then when we were sharing tracks and people would be like "what you got there" and we'd develop on it.

A: So touching on that, how do you guys bring in new elements whilst still giving the fans what they want?

J: Cos we just say fuck that old shit, we are just going to do what we want, and if it doesn't 'blow up' then fuck it.

T: Yano, as an artist and with Dreads' vocals, we have a pretty tight set - we want to do whatever - whatever we enjoy. If you start to do something that feels forced then you ain't doing it right, and you should back away from that".

A: So Take me back to 'Masterplan' then (willingly?) as I feel it was definitely an explosion for you up where I'm from, Manchester, for sure.

J: That was a game changer, that was the time when everyone was talking about Levelz and there was this buzz about Manchester and how it was popping off for the underground scene and we loved that time playing there.

T: For the song itself, there wasn't a specific inspiration for that track, we sent projects to each other quite a lot and it all formed to be what is Masterplan. We took elements from DnB and Speed garage and kept playing around.

J: We had some beats put together at the beginning, but it wasn't until we had Fox (MC Fox) do the lyrics, thats what made us click.

T: Sometimes we can spend hours mixing then come to realise it's not hitting the right way.

J: Back then, there was no money there, so with Masterplan it was raw, I think that's why people liked it and still like it now.


Masterplan, at its core, lies a bassline that feels like a seismic force, resonating deep within your chest and moving through your very being. It's the heartbeat of the track, a pulsating energy that commands your body to move in synchrony with its hypnotic groove.

The beats and percussion elements serve as the architects of this track. Precision and power are their tools, crafting a rhythmic foundation that is both relentless and infectious - My Nu Leng's stamp. Mix this with the raw vocals of Fox and you have yourself a winner.


A: What was the moment where you guys thought, oh, we can do this as a job?

J: I think it was more of a question of "can we survive?". We enjoyed making music together and thats what drove us and now its formed into what we are to this day. We didn't have a plan of action.

A: So, what do you get when you're up there performing?

T: Personally, I'll never get bored of playing music, our music.

J: If i'm playing tunes, I don't care how big the crowd is. I could be playing tunes to one person and we would still bring the same energy and passion as we do. It doesn't matter. We will always play tunes that we wanna play!

A: And what's next?

T: I guess to the future we are honouring the past by doing this tour but its also a new chapter.

J: It's a new beginning with fresh sounds whilst still keeping the identity of My Nu Leng. Shedding our skin after this tour for sure.


After sitting down with them, I had the pleasure of seeing My Nu Leng live in action at Joshua Brooks in Manchester as part of their "10 Years of My Nu Leng" tour. It was an extraordinary six-hour journey through the sonic realms they've mastered over the past decade. The venue, a hot, sweaty basement filled with the most dedicated of fans, served as the perfect backdrop for the dirtiest, most infectious beats they delivered.

What struck me the most during their performance was their ability to connect with the 'Tik Tok Generation' and beyond. they have showed that when it comes to working the decks, they are truly unmatched. The ferocity and passion that oozed from their decks were palpable, leaving everyone in the crowd spellbound.

It's clear that My Nu Leng, despite their years in the industry, remain kids at heart with a boundless vision. They are unafraid to explore new musical territories, even if it means moving away from their older works. Their enduring impact on the electronic music scene is undeniable, and their legacy will undoubtedly continue to resonate with audiences for years to come. They are living proof that the spirit of innovation and dedication to their craft knows no boundaries.

Dread MC, who himself boasts an iconic career, has formed incredible musical partnerships with an array of talented artists. From his electrifying collaborations with the likes of Darkzy, Zeds Dead, and Notion, particularly within the esteemed Cru-Cast collective, to his work alongside Sammy Virji and other visionaries who have significantly influenced the electronic underground music scene, Dread MC's vocal prowess shines brightly as a beacon of power and charisma. With each collaboration, he brings his unmistakable energy and lyrical finesse, consistently elevating tracks to new heights and cementing his position in the limelight of the electronic music world. His contributions to these collaborations have not only enriched the sonic landscape but have also helped shape the very essence of the music we love.

What lies ahead for the duo? Well, their latest offering, "Leng Club, Vol. 1", provides a glimpse into their future direction. One track that demands attention is 'Translation', a tune that should be on the radar of every music enthusiast, particularly aspiring DJs. It showcases garage undertones, ethereal breaks, and uplifting melodies, all infused with that unmistakable Leng touch, especially evident in the captivating breakdown. Literally have had it on repeat for a week this release and it doesn't get old which shows they are still pioneering the music scene in which they have contributed to. Pure Leng.

Take a look at them live below - they truly bring the heat to you.

Make sure to follow us on insta here, My Nu Leng & Dread MC- lets keep up with what they have in store. I, myself knows, that whenever they are in town - I will always be at the front!


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