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Gemi + Friends - YES MCR

Gemi + Friends Manchester
In the Basement

The UK Garage and House scene at the moment is on fire; a realm where nostalgia intertwines with innovation, and where the beats of the past meet the sounds of the future. This isn't just a revival – it's a revolution, and it's happening right now.

Enter Gemi. I first stumbled upon his tracks in the wake of lockdown, and let me tell you, his music scratched an itch. With his blend of house basslines and garage rhythms, Gemi's sound does something to my soul that's hard to put into words. Big tracks like "Want 2 Dance" and "Good2Me" featuring Ell Murphy (up next) are the epitome of his style – catchy, energetic, and impossible to resist. When he took the stage at YES Manchester's Basement his music represents the fresh coat of paint that the UKG scene is sporting these days. It's like the underground has dipped itself in acid, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Check out his London Gemi + Friends here

But Gemi isn't just about his solo performances – his Gemi + Friends shows have become the stuff of legend, with collaborations that showcase the best and brightest in the genre. And speaking of collaborations, let's talk about Ell Murphy, A Holy Trinity of talent. Not only is she a skilled DJ and producer, but she's also blessed with an incredible voice. Her sets, a fusion of house and soulful melodies, are a testament to her versatility and her ability to push boundaries. It's pretty evident when you see her live she truly embodies the music, gets lost and performs like she's in her own world. On top of this, her collaborations with artists like Gemi, Interplanetary Criminal, and TSHA are proof that she's a rising star in her own right.

Ell Murphy has become a name that is now stamped on the scene, check out tracks like "Pressure" and "Like U" - some of our faves!


Then we have Glimji, whose music is deeply intertwined with a nod to the past, you can hear it. Native to the city, Glimji has curated a sound that effortlessly scurries across a landscape of bright electronic rave synths and bumpy, saturated drums. It's a sound that tips its hat to the acid vibes of the late 80s and early 90s in Manchester, yet infused with the playful energy of trance/UK garage beats of the early noughties. Check out "Clarity" or "Rush" for our top picks of his work.

It's the kind of music that makes you want to throw your arms in the air and dance like nobody's watching. His sets are more than just a collection of tracks; he invites his listeners to join him on a voyage pure, unfiltered joy and we love that.


The energy from both artists and punters were matched with equal respect. YES is a perfect place for a lil' rave - it has a brilliant sound system, intimate setting, and is always host to the best talent in MCR. As the night got progressively more energetic, trippy and heavy, I soon realised 3 hours had passed in no time. Leaving in a daze and wonderment in the early hours was something to be somewhat expected, but wanting to go home and keep listening to the music that night - that was not. The days after, I went down a ruthless rabbit hole of all the artists playing that night, I am not ashamed, but wholeheartedly more in love with the music than I ever was to begin with. That's what it does...

So here's to Gemi, Ell Murphy, Glimji, and all the other artists who are pushing the boundaries of the UK House and Garage and keeping the spirit of the scene alive and kicking. Long may they reign, and may the beats never stop.

Check out the next Gemi + Friends - you won't be disappointed but leaving wanting more. Hopefully, at their next Manchester gig!

As always, see you at the front!



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