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WHP | Kaluki 29.09.23 Review

Warehouse Project - Photo by Anthony Mooney
Warehouse Project - Photo by Anthony Mooney

The warehouse was filled with euphoric rhythms right from the get-go and high spirited, gleeful energy was bursting through everyone. All thanks to the outstanding artists which blessed Manchester with their wizardry talents on Friday, 29th September.

Here are our highlights:

Walking to the venue we noticed ravers coming from all directions, all laughing and bursting with excitement- this always fills me with joy. One of my favourite things about music is how much it brings people together, everyone coming into one place to forget about the worries of life and get their groove on. Arriving at 9pm, we two-stepped our way to the bar and grabbed a bevvy, then into the depths of Warehouse Project.

Our night kicked off with Rossi who got us grooving instantly through a mixture of hard and soft melodic beats. Each transition was delicately orchestrated, and became bigger and better each time, filling hearts with what they desired. The depot was infused with calming yet exciting neon purple lights throughout his set, occasionally joined by deep tones of red. These colours accompanied by the performance filled me with so much happiness, couldn't stop smiling and most certainly didn't stop dancing. This was my first-time seeing Rossi and I already can’t wait to see him again; it was clear that everyone in the crowd was absolutely loving it too. His set was incredible.

Next up was the brilliant Chris Stussy, another first for me! Stussy has been absolutely blowing up at the minute all over my socials and I couldn’t wait to witness his talents myself and… Oh my days he did not disappoint in the slightest. Moments before he was due to start, I noticed floods of fellow ravers starting to fill up the depot, it was rammed! His set was full of surprises; every sound, beat and transition were unique. Certain sounds within the performance gave me a ‘sci-fi’ vibe, it was extremely weird and wonderful. Then at other times it became euphorically beautiful. The warehouse became Stussy’s spaceship, and we all took off with the roof! His set showered us with so many pleasant emotions... What a performance!

Chriss Stussy hypnotised us - Photo by Anthony Mooney
Chriss Stussy hypnotised us - Photo by Anthony Mooney

Hot Since 82 kept up the high standards and got everyone jumping with sexy house music all the way through. You couldn’t stop your body from bopping along with the beats even if you tried. His tracks carried sass that you didn’t know you needed, the lights and visuals were insane and all-around groups of friends were exchanging bass faces as they danced together… Love to see it! Always a good shout if you see him on a line-up, never miss.

Hot Since 82 gave us a spectacular set in the Depot - Photo by Sienna Lorraine Gray
Hot Since 82 gave us a spectacular set in the Depot - Photo by Sienna Lorraine Gray

The legendary Jamie Jones! Of course, the depot was packed entirely full yet again. Jamie Jones is an extremely well known and respected producer. He has his own record label Hot Creations and is an icon in Ibiza, having hosted his own Paradise parties since 2012. I could feel the adrenaline of everybody, from every square inch of the room. We knew it was about to go off and the anticipation was a huge rush. Throughout his set the lights were going wild along with everyone's arms flying up and bopping in sync. His set consisted of house and minimal tech, which is right up my street. Every sound was stimulating my whole body… about an hour into the set, he played a remix of 'Free (Do What U Want)'. This song gets me every time at an event. The personality behind the song lets everyone relish in feeling free and letting go, the beats behind it were perfect and I felt bonded to every atom in the room. It was EPIC!

Concourse was packed at WHP 2023
Concourse was packed - Photo by Sienna Lorraine Gray

All-in-All we were blown away by the sound and lighting, each room invited us in and gave out outstanding musical sets.Warehouse Project is always a pleasure, but this is up there with one of my favourite nights! A huge well done to the artists and team. The memories of Kaluki Birthday will last me a lifetime.

As always we will see you at the front! 💃🏼

Tickets for WHP can be found here


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