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Worried About Henry - WHP - NUKG Review

Warehouse Project WAH
Photo by Gemma Parker - Warehouse Project WAH

Manchester's Warehouse Project has long been a bastion of the UK's club scene, a place where the pulsating beats of drum and bass, garage, and grime converge. The Worried About Henry night was no exception. It was an electric mix of the old guard and the new wave, a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of UK music.

The resurgence of the UK Garage (UKG) scene is taking the music world by storm, marking a vibrant revival of a genre that dominated the late 90s and early 2000s. This renaissance is fueled by a new generation of artists and DJs who are infusing classic garage sounds with contemporary influences, creating a fresh, dynamic twist on the genre. These modern UKG tracks blend nostalgic rhythms with innovative beats, appealing to both long-time garage enthusiasts and new listeners. The scene is thriving in clubs and festivals, characterised by its infectious energy and ability to bring diverse crowds together. Social media platforms and streaming services have played a crucial role in this resurgence, enabling these new UKG beats to reach a global audience and influence mainstream music trends. This movement isn't just a revival; it's a reinvention, ushering in a new era of UK dance music that celebrates its roots while boldly charting new sonic territories. This is why, in a nutshell, why we wanted to come to this very special night of Worried About Henry at The Warehouse Project MCR.

Concourse warehouse project
Concourse was a hub of excitement and energy - photo by @GBMultimedia

The Archive room was the night's expected hero as a string of the finest Garage acts out there now graced us with their brilliant precence. Sammy Virji b2b Conducta's set was a masterclass as assumed, drawing a packed crowd that spilled out the sides and into the bar. Virji, particularly, was the man everyone came to see, and he didn't disappoint. His set was a seamless blend of classic garage sounds like Ripgroove's "Double 99" with a modern twist, keeping the crowd on their toes and constantly moving. The crowd went wild, skanking as if it was the last night on earth, the phones moving in rythmn as we all listened to the beautiful blend they both brought to the decks, Just two mates having a laugh.

For my own spiritual cleanse it was Oppidan. Her unique production style, blending 2-step with 4x4 NUKG and bassline influences is sublime and her set was a journey through the history of garage, punctuated by a brilliant use of 187 Lockdown's ''Gunman'' in her finale. She, in our oppinion, is what Garage should be and we will always be the first to listen to any of her drops. She is focused, calm and collected and her repetoirwe of the genre is evidently seen through the clean set she produced that night.

Warehouse Project is a must for any hardcore ravers - photo by Gemma Parker
Warehouse Project is a must for any hardcore ravers - photo by Gemma Parker

In the other rooms, the energy was equally high. Kanine's set was a gritty blend of drum and bass with grime undertones, elevated by the spectacular pyrotechnics that seemed to ignite the crowd's energy even further. Similarly, Andy C's performance was a reminder of why he's considered a legend in the DnB scene. He set the tone for the latter half of teh evening, as the crowed jumped and roared at his iconic mixes. Always a good laugh.

Serum's b2b set with Mozey and Trigga in the Concourse was top, bringing a raw, unfiltered energy to the night. But it was Bou's remix of Chase and Status's ''Badadan'' that really drove the crowd wild, a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary sounds. You could literally hear them scream, faint and pop off in the far distance. that is power right there.

Shout outs go to the rest of the Garage People in Archive - Main Phase who ended the night with some downright dirty, nay, filthy mixes which would only be seen in a fallowfield basement party, and MPH who gave the oldies a good seeing to with fantastic bootlegs of 00's songs with slick 4X4 beats. A fantastic end to an already wicked evening.

What stood out most, though, was the crowd itself. It was a melting pot of generations, a blend of seasoned ravers and the new generation, all united by their love for the music. This mix of ages wasn't just a testament to the timelessness of these genres but also to the resurgence of the UK garage scene. Young artists are breathing new life into the genre, and it was palpable in the Warehouse Project's electrifying atmosphere.

In essence, the Worried About Henry night was more than just a series of sets. It was a celebration of UK music's past, present, and future, a night where different eras and genres collided to create something truly special. The Warehouse Project once again proved that it's at the forefront of the UK's club scene, a place where music isn't just heard but felt.

Tickets are still available for WHP - get yours and experience the night for yourself!

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