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Based in music-mad Manchester, UK we here at Acid Rain have heaps of experience working in the music industry.

After humble beginnings in writing for University magazines, and online publications, we grew to love the industry from a journalistic perspective and decided to start our own collective.

We work with artists who want their sound to be heard in a fun, bold and successful way. 

Check out what we do below


We know what it takes to be successful, working within the industry for so long has make us experts at artist promotion.

We provide services around the journalistic elements of music, such as:

  • Music Biographies

  • About Me

  • Press Releases

  • Electronic Press Packs

Whether you are an established artist or new, we can help you succeed and make a mark on the music scene.

We can also provide reviews of songs and albums, this is what we thrive at.

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