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2000 Trees - An Alternative Festival

2023: 2000 Trees Lineup

2000 Trees is a multi-award winning, highly accessible festival based in Upcote Farm, Cheltenham. When considering value for money and taking into account a line-up that flawlessly infuses the best in Punk, Rock and metal music ,whether UK based or coming from all parts of the world, I believe this festival is the perfect option for first-time festival goers and seasoned festival veterans. With easily accessible shuttles, hosted by Big Green Coach, from train stations and major UK cities there is really no excuse not to be at, in my opinion, the most welcoming and anticipated festival of 2023. Having been to 2000 Trees Festival in previous years I can attest to the infectious friendly atmosphere with people from every walk of life whether that is teens with a lust for alternative music or families looking for a safe and fun weekend adventure, meeting in a field for the love of music, great food and the general festival nightlife.

What makes Trees so unique amongst its festival competitors?

The festival does not restrict itself to a specific genre and strays away from the typical festival ineups you see each summer, you can delve into new types of music and expand your tastes easily here. It is the twin sister festival to ArcTangent which is a little heavier, but 2000 trees in my opinion (and many others) is extremely beloved to lovers of anything Alt. the people are super friendly too and open to all walks of life, they are peopel who are passionate about music that's for sure!

Here are some acts, if you are attending 2000 Trees, to go and see! you will not regret it:

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes

Headlining the festival for the very first time Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are a British Punk Rock band front manned by former Gallows member Frank Carter. Since injecting themselves into the British Punk scene in 2015 the band have catapulted to success following the release of their first 4 albums, demonstrating blistering hardcore rock and angry full-bodied punk lyrics. From aggressive circle pits to female only mosh pits this headline act is the perfect safe space to end your Saturday night at the festival.

Bob Vylan

Having incredibly played the festival before the British duo Bob Vylan are back to once again smash a set with music merged with elements of Grime, Hip Hop and quintessential British Punk Rock all why critiquing the flaws in the British Political system and highlighting key themes of racism and inequality. So if you're a fan of a not-so traditional show and chaos such as climbing up sound pillars, inviting audiences on the stage and crowd surfing is your thing I would intensely recommend catching Bob Vylan on your Thursday afternoon.


With influences from Slowthai, the Grime scene and US Hip Hop Frozemode are a London-based alternative rap trio who advertise themselves as having innovative lyrics and versatile melodies. Although an unlikely group, their recent success on TikTok has proved they are the next up-and-coming style amongst UK Teens, whilst only having a few live gigs under their belt they are the ones to keep an eye on in the coming years and are guaranteed to put on a good show at 2000 Trees.

Kublai Khan TX

Kublai Khan are a Texas formed metalcore and hardcore band. With heavy mind-blowing riffs and stomach turning deep growls this aggressive and in your face music will bury you with aggression and the need to mosh from the first track. The bone rattling power of the bass and the strength and vigour of Matt Honeycutt’s vocals will have you craving the atmosphere once it's over. So if you appreciate hardcore and want to be blown away then Kublai Khan TX are your band.


Originally forming in Nottingham in 1988, Pitchshifter are a British industrial Rock band. Covering a wide range of genres such as Nu-metal, industrial metal, Drum and Bass and Dance and electronica this band has something for everyone in their sets as described by themselves they are “heavy metal guitar, rum and bass kicks and The dead Kennedys lyrics” you really can't go wrong with a Pitchshifter gig!

The Festival has gained a reputation for its incredible food options, ensuring there's something for everyone's palate. From the delightful Splitscreen Ice-cream to the mouthwatering Mac Shac, Piggie Smalls, and the fantastic Gyros from Castaway Kitchen, you won't be disappointed. And if you're craving Pad Thai, Hungry Toad, or other vegetarian and vegan delights, they have got you covered.

Don't miss out on the live podcasts hosted at The Word Stage during the festival. From "On Wednesdays We Wear Black" to "101 Part Time Jobs," "Mark & Me," "3 Is The Magic Number," "Punks In Pubs," and "Sappenin'," there's something for every podcast enthusiast. Remember to arrive early, as the tent is small and seating is limited.

Each year, the festival proudly partners with remarkable charities, some of which will have a presence on-site. This year, Tree Aid and Attitude Is Everything return as official charity partners. Attitude Is Everything does incredible work by bridging the gap between disabled people and the music and live event industries, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all. They envision a world where disabled individuals are valued as audience members, performers, professionals, and volunteers.

Suzanne Bull MBE, the founder of Attitude Is Everything, expressed her gratitude for the continued partnership with 2000 Trees Festival, as well as the generosity of the festival's guests and fans who support their cause. Together, they strive to make a positive impact.

Additionally, 2000 Trees has teamed up with UK charity Ecolibrium to address the environmental impact of audience travel, which often contributes significantly to the carbon footprint of events. By purchasing a vehicle pass for the festival, you'll contribute £3 towards Ecolibrium, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated by your travel.

Overall - Just go, you will not regret it! As always, see you at the front!!

2000 Trees - from 2000 Trees Festival

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Tickets are still on sale, so be wuick before they all sell out!


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