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ArcTangent Festival 2024: Who's on?

ArcTangent festival lineup 2024
ArcTangent Festival returns with an insane set of musical talent

As we gear up for our third pilgrimage to Arctangent Festival 2024, it's hard not to feel the bubbling excitement for what has become a highlight of our musical year. Our tastes, though largely aligned, diverge in the finer details, making the festival's lineup a thrilling prospect with each announcement.

Arctangent 2024, set against the bucolic backdrop of Fernhill Farm, (15th - 18th August) is more than just a festival; it's a beacon for the alternative and experimental music community. It's a place where the barriers between genres dissolve and all that's left is the pure, unadulterated love for music.

Wednesday's lineup is nothing short of magic, setting the stage for an opening day imbued with raw energy and boundless intensity. The return of fan favourites Psychonaut and Curse These Metal Hands is eagerly awaited, promising to inject the festival with their signature dynamism and fervour that has left an indelible mark on us in years past. Adding to the allure, Din of Celestial Birds will grace us with their ethereal melodies, transporting the audience to another realm with their transcendent sounds. This eclectic mix of artists heralds a day of musical exploration, marking the perfect start to the 2024 season at Arctangent. Check out their set from ATG 2023!

For me, the festival presents a long-awaited opportunity to see Red Fang live. Having been a fan for years, their absence from my live music experiences has been a glaring omission. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, they are the quintessential stoner rock band known for their sledgehammer riffs and beer-soaked narratives. Their music is a raucous blend of heavy metal and punk, delivered with a sense of humour that's as undeniable as their riffs are brilliant. Seeing them live is an experience that promises not just a musical onslaught but a communal celebration of the heavier side of rock. I'm already counting down the minutes until their set.

Following closely on my must-see list is Plini. My last encounter with their music, supporting TesseracT in Manchester, left me utterly captivated by their intricate melodies and expansive soundscapes. the Australian guitar virtuoso, stands at the forefront of the progressive metal scene, crafting soundscapes that are as intricate as they are expansive. His music transcends the conventional boundaries of genre, weaving together elements of jazz, metal, and rock into a tapestry that's both complex and accessible. A live performance by Plini isn't just a concert; it's a journey through the limitless potential of musical expression.

Ruth's excitement, on the other hand, peaks for Baroness. Their dynamic energy and massive tones, coupled with how their vocals weave through their compositions, make them a standout act for her. From Savannah, Georgia, they are masters of blending sludgy, heavy metal with art rock's intricate textures and progressive elements. Their music is emotive storytelling, and have evolved across their discography, showcasing a band unafraid to explore and expand their sound.

And then there's Mogwai, our local legends. It's a given we'll be front and centre for their set, sharing in the collective anticipation that's been building since their name first appeared on the lineup. Post-rock titans from Glasgow, have been crafting their distinctive brand of instrumental music for over two decades. We note them for their dynamic range, from whisper-quiet melodies to deafening crescendos, their music explores the emotional landscapes that words often fail to capture. Mogwai's live shows are immersive experiences, where each note and silence carries weight, enveloping the audience in a sound that's both vast and intimate. They always manage to bring a tear or two to my eyes, and we are super excited to see their documentary which is set to be out soon.

Perhaps most poignant for us this year is the chance to see Tokky Horror. After missing their 2023 performances, the opportunity to experience their final show at Arctangent feels like a moment of closure, a proper send-off into the annals of festival history. The bands emergence on the scene has been a vibrant burst of energy, blending elements of digital hardcore, punk, and rave to create a sound that's both aggressive and danceable. Their music challenges conventions and boundaries, both musically and thematically, inviting listeners into a world where genre distinctions melt away in the face of raw, pulsating beats.

Our upcoming interview with Rory Friers of And So I Watch You From Afar is something we're particularly proud of, offering a sneak peek into the minds behind the music and what makes this festival so special to them and to us. There are some amazing artists coming out of Northern Ireland recently, but ASIWYFA have always injected their music with an energy and enthusiasm that's truly infectious. Their sound is a high-octane mix of post-rock, math rock, and punk, delivered with a precision and vigour that's compelling. Their performances are a spectacle of musicianship, a celebration of the power of instrumental music to move and unite - Trust us, we've seen them live.

As we count down the days, our excitement only grows. The thought of once again being surrounded by the sounds, the people, and the energy that make Arctangent a highlight of our year is almost too much to bear. Here's to Arctangent 2024: may it be as electrifying and inspiring as the lineups that have preceded it.

Tickets are still available, only a select amount left - here

Who are you excited to see, who's on your list? Let us know and we will see you at the front 💃🏼


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