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Beatherder 2024: Let's Herd em' Up

📸 Giles Smith

Alright, strap in and hold onto your hats, because Beat-Herder 2024 is about to blow the doors off its hinges, and not just any doors – we’re talking the grand, psychedelic gates to a weekend that’s set to redefine the very concept of a music festival. This isn’t your average gathering; its a constant fever dream of brilliance, tucked away in the heart of Lancashire's beautiful Ribble Valley, from the 18th to the 21st of July.

This year, Beat-Herder isn’t just turning up the volume; it’s cranking it to eleven. From the titans of the electronic world, Leftfield and Orbital to drum 'n' bass pioneers like Sub Focus this year is set to shake the earth beneath our feet.

It’s a place where the unexpected is the norm, and the norm is nowhere to be found. Whether it’s Bez spinning tracks in the Factory or the legends that are Dick & Dom turning the Main Stage into their own, you are constantly kept on your toes with wonder. With an array of stages to explore, there is one thing you will not be, and that is bored.

Alright, buckle up and prepare for this rollercoaster as we prepare for Beat-Herder 2024, featuring a lineup that's set to shake the valley. Here are our top picks, let's dive into the hay, and you’ll find Beat-Herder’s essence.

Beatherder festival 2023
📸 by Andrew Whitton

Our Picks

Fabio & Grooverider

These two don’t just play records; they summon rave deities. Stepping into their set is like entering a vortex and being transported to the zenith of '90s rave culture - but with a sound so fresh, it feels like the future. Seen them many times before and they seriously never disappoint. They play classics like "VIP Riders Ghost" and with their earth-shattering 25 Years of Drum & Bass, what more could you really want - tracks that have made them well established in the scene. 30 years, and their still giving us crackin' tunes.


Erol Alkan

Next in line is Erol Alkan, who is known for sets that explore the broad spectrum of electronic music. Prepare for a journey through his eclectic tastes. Think of "A Hold on Love" or his remix of "Forever Dolphin Love", where he transforms an indie track into a dancefloor anthem. A dream really, radically fun and tickles the senses for sure. He has always been a must from us!


Charlotte Devaney

Hold onto your hearts, because Charlotte Devaney is about to steal them. A platinum-selling DJ, producer, and all-around bass fanatic, Charlotte is a force of nature, a whirlwind of energy behind the decks. Her sets are an explosive mix of genres, all delivered with a flair and passion that’s as infectious as it is impressive. She’s not just playing music; she’s throwing a party, and you’re all invited. Seeing her many times, she fuses dnb with electronic and flings nostalgia so hard in your face you can taste it. Check out her Hologram Sessions below!


Gina Breeze

The maestro of the underground, coming at you from the depths of the club scene with beats so deep, you’ll need a submarine to get under them. Her cutting-edge house and techno sets, Gina’s music is a fabulously crafted mosaic of sound, an education, a revelation, and a damn good time. Tracks like "Look Don't Touch," featuring the vocals of Shygirl, showcase her ability to craft music that's both fiercely club-ready and intricately layered. We are loving her new EP "In My Mind" at the moment!



Get ready to be swept off your feet, because Mandidextrous is here to fling you. A legend in the world of underground music, they bring an unparralled energy to every set. With a talent for seamlessly blending genres and a relentless passion for bass, they create an experience that is truly unforgettable. From drum and bass to electronic, Mandidextrous expertly navigates through multipule genres, blending with ease and power which leaves a trail of euphoria. Their performances are more than just sets; they're full-blown celebrations, and you're invited to join in the frenzy. Having witnessed the magic countless times, prepare to be transported to another dimension.


High Contrast

And just when you thought your senses could take no more, along comes High Contrast, the

pinnacle of drum 'n' bass perhaps? With a penchant for melodies that tug at your heartstrings and beats that punch straight to the gut, his music is a rollercoaster of emotions, a sonic journey that spans the full spectrum of human experience. Expecting to dance, to cry, to feel everything and nothing, all at once. "If We Ever" stands out for us with its euphoric highs and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," a track that holds weight in our hearts.



Pioneers of the electronic music scene, Leftfield has been an influential force since the early '90s, renowned for their groundbreaking debut album, Leftism. Their music is a fantastic blend of house, dub, and techno, with tracks like "Open Up" and "Original" defining a generation of dance music. Their live sets are a powerful journey through sound, bringing the party when it ought to be brought. Seeing Leftfield perform is a chance to witness electronic music royalty in action.



A titan in the drum and bass and jungle scenes, SHY FX's career spans over two decades, marked by classic tracks like "Original Nuttah" and "Shake Ur Body". His sets are a masterclass in bass music, wonderfully blending old-school jungle rhythms with slick beats, always serving a high-energy performance that controls the dance floor. SHY FX's ability to engage the crowd and deliver a set that's both nostalgic and fresh makes his appearance a highlight.



DJ and producer Goddard is making waves with his brilliant and trailblazing approach to drum 'n' bass and electronic music. Fluid mixes and genre-spanning sets, Goddard brings a fresh feel to a well established scene. His collaboration with Dread MC promises to add an extra layer of punch, making it a can't-miss for fans of cutting-edge dance music. Tracks like "Prospa" and "Green Light" showcase his ability to blend textures with dynamic beats, a signature style that's sure to get the people going at Beat-Herder this year.


4AM Kru

Celebrated for their '94-flavoured jungle and breakbeat sounds, they pay homage to the golden era of rave while injecting their music with a modern twist. Their tracks, such as "High Time" and "I Don't Wanna Stop", are energetic and infectious, filled with classic breakbeats and basslines that evoke the spirit of early '90s rave culture. Their performance is a nostalgia trip for rave veterans and a vibrant introduction for newcomers to the genre, embodying the inclusive and celebratory atmosphere of Beat-Herder.


But Beat-Herder is more than just a festival; it’s a living, breathing world of wonder, crafted with a love and attention to detail that’s as staggering as the lineup itself. From sculptures to secret tunnels, it’s a playground of creativity and a nod to the spirit of independence that burns at its core. Founded by six school pals in the fires of the '90s rave scene, Beat-Herder remains a place of unity where music isn’t just heard, it’s felt.

P.s. The Saturday of the festival is always set aside for a fancy dress day - this year, the letter is F. So make sure you dress-up!

So, if you’re ready to dive headfirst into a festival experience like no other, Beat-Herder 2024 is calling your name. Forget what you think you know about festivals; this is a journey to the heart of music’s wildest dreams, a place where the beat never ends and the party is just getting started. Welcome to Beat-Herder, the ultimate celebration of life, music, and the unbreakable bonds that music can forge. See you in the valley.

So get your tickets whilst they are still available!

As always, we will see you at the front

Follow us as we herd em' up



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