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Best UK Festivals of 2024

Beat-herder 2023
Beat-herder 2023


Ah, Britain, in times of strife, it's music that has always, and will always, unite us - come rain or shine.

We've put together our rundown of the top festivals where you've still got a shot at snagging tickets for the 2024 season of musical revelry. Year on year, the UK manages to surpass itself, staying bang on trend with the latest in tunes while preserving that quintessentially British blend of throwback acts intertwined with the ever-evolving dynamism of the music scene.

Listed below, in no particular order, are the picks of the bunch.


Background: Boomtown is a spectacle of music, theatre, and art, offering an immersive festival experience.

Music: A mix of reggae, drum and bass, dubstep, and electronic.

Location & Date: Located near Winchester, 7th - 11th August 2024

2024 Acts: TBA.

Last years was so packed i couldn't fit them all on but view 2023's line-up here to get a taste.

Tickets are selling quickly so get them whilst you can here

Boomtown Fair is an extravaganza unlike any other in the UK festival scene. Imagine stepping into a different world, where each area is a new chapter in the festival's ever-evolving story. Over the years, Boomtown has become synonymous with diversity, not just in its music, which spans reggae, drum and bass, dubstep, and beyond, but also in its crowd. The commitment to creating an immersive experience, complete with elaborate set designs and interactive performances, makes it a must-visit. It’s the place where you leave reality at the gate and dive headfirst into a world of musical exploration and theatrical wonder. If you're seeking a festival that combines groundbreaking music with a rich, immersive storyline, Boomtown is where you need to be.


Lost Village

Background: An intimate festival set in a secluded woodland, creating a magical atmosphere.

Music: Electronic, house, and techno.

Location & Date: 22-25 August, 2024

Norton Disney, Lincolnshire, UK

2024 Acts to see: The Blessed Madonna, Maribou State, Shanti Celeste, Salute, Sherelle (Obviously) - so many good ones this year.

Tickets go on sale March 1st for phase 8 so sign up now here for priority - will go quick!

Lost Village creates an intimate atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else. Tucked away in a secluded Lincolnshire woodland, this festival offers a magical escape, soundtracked by some of the best names in electronic, house, and techno. The beauty of Lost Village lies not just in its lineup but in the carefully curated experiences that accompany the music, from secret parties to gourmet feasts amidst the trees. Over the past years, it has hosted a range of acts that perfectly complement the mystical vibe of the festival, making it a haven for those looking to lose themselves in music and nature. It’s a festival for the soul seekers and the adventure lovers, promising memories that last a lifetime.


Y Not Festival

Background: A rock and indie festival known for its stunning Peak District backdrop.

Music: Rock, indie, and alternative.

Location & Date: Derbyshire, 2nd - 4th August

2024 Acts: The Kooks, Bob Vylan, Black Honey, Kaiser Chiefs

Tickets here

Y Not Festival brings the essence of rock, indie, and alternative music to the picturesque Peak District. It's the kind of festival where the backdrop is as stunning as the acts on stage. With a history of booking some of the biggest names in the scene alongside emerging talent, Y Not has a vibe that's both vibrant and laid-back. It’s the festival for those who love their music with a side of breathtaking views, offering a weekend of discovery, where new favourite bands are found, and memories are made against a backdrop of rolling hills. Y Not is a testament to the power of music to bring people together in celebration, no matter the weather.


Kendal Calling

Background: An award-winning, independent festival known for its diverse lineup and beautiful Lake District setting.

Music: Indie, rock, and pop.

Location & Date: Near Kendal, Lake District, 1st- 4th August

2024 acts we'd see: The Streets, Noel Gallagher and his birds, Sugababes, Kate Nash

Final release tickets can be found here

Set in the idyllic Lake District, Kendal Calling is an award-winning festival that has grown from a small gathering to a must-attend event on the UK festival calendar. Known for its eclectic lineup that spans indie, rock, pop, and electronic music, it offers something for everyone. But Kendal Calling is more than just its music; it's about the experience - from the stunning setting to the art installations and the family-friendly atmosphere. Over the years, it has hosted a mix of legendary acts and up-and-comers, making it a breeding ground for musical discovery. If you're looking for a festival that combines breathtaking natural beauty with a soundtrack to match, Kendal Calling is where you want to be.


2000 Trees

Background: A festival for new and underground British music, focusing on rock and indie.

Music: Rock, indie, and punk.

Location & Date: Cheltenham, 10th - 13th July.

2024 acts we'd see: Manchester Orchestra, Spanish Love Songs, Dream State

Ticket's found here

For fans of rock, indie, and punk, 2000 Trees is a sanctuary. Set in the rolling hills of Gloucestershire, this festival is all about celebrating the best of new and underground British music. What sets 2000 Trees apart is its commitment to a community vibe, where the barriers between artists and attendees feel non-existent. The festival has consistently showcased a lineup that balances established names with the stars of tomorrow, making it the perfect spot for genuine music lovers. The intimate stages and the emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices add to the appeal, making 2000 Trees a beacon for those who value authenticity and environmental consciousness in their festival experience.

Read our review from the 2023 season here



Background: Sheffield's biggest city-based music festival.

Music: A wide range from rock and indie to pop and electronic.

Location & Date: Sheffield, 26th - 28th July.

2024 acts we'd see: Jamie T, Yard Act, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Holly Humberstone, Corella

Tickets can be found here

Tramlines is Sheffield’s crown jewel when it comes to music festivals. Taking over various venues across the city, it brings a slice of festival spirit into the urban environment. With a lineup that effortlessly blends genres, from rock and indie to pop and electronic, Tramlines has something for every music enthusiast. Past years have seen a mix of iconic bands and fresh faces, turning the city into a buzzing hub of musical activity. The beauty of Tramlines lies in its accessibility, offering an eclectic festival experience right in the heart of Sheffield. It’s the ultimate urban getaway for those looking to dive into a weekend of diverse musical discovery without leaving the city's convenience and charm behind.


Love Supreme Festival

Background: The UK's biggest jazz festival set in the South Downs.

Music: Jazz, soul, and blues.

Location & Date: Glynde Place, 5th - 7th July.

2024 Acts: Joss Stone, Mahalia, Black Pumas, Chaka Khan, Kool & the Gang

Tickets can be found here

Nestled in the South Downs, Love Supreme Festival is a celebration of Jazz, Soul, and Blues that has quickly become the UK's premier event for these genres. With a lineup that blends legends of the scene with the next generation of breakthrough artists, it offers a unique opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of these rich musical traditions. The festival's relaxed atmosphere, combined with high-quality food and drink options and a range of non-music activities, makes it an ideal retreat for music lovers of all ages. Love Supreme is not just a festival; it’s a journey through the heart and soul of jazz and its contemporary influences, set against the backdrop of one of England’s most picturesque locations.


Beat-herder Festival

Background: Known for its creative stages and eclectic music selection.

Music: Electronic, rock, and indie.

Location & Date: Lancashire, 18th - 21st July.

2024 Acts: More to follow! but we'd see K-Klass, Shy FX and Denis Sulta so far.

Tickets available here

Beat-herder Festival is a testament to the power of independent festivals. Situated in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, it stands out for its eclectic music selection and its array of creative stages – from the Working Mens club to a chapel rave. The festival has a strong sense of community and an ethos that champions the weird and wonderful aspects of the festival scene. It’s a place where electronic beats meet rock and indie in a melting pot of musical styles. Beat-herder is for those who crave a festival experience that goes beyond the music, offering a weekend of escapism, creativity, and, most importantly, a damn good time.

The first line-up release shows great signs for this year's festivities - Super eager for this one guys!

Check out our review of last year to see what you have in store!


South Facing Festival

Background: An outdoor concert series set in a historic amphitheatre.

Music: A mix of genres, from rock to classical.

Location & Date: Crystal Palace Bowl, 26th July - 10th August

2024 acts we'd see: Jess Glynne, Dizzie Rascal, Grace Jones & Rosin Murphy

Tickets + Website

South Facing Festival, taking place in the iconic Crystal Palace Bowl, is a series of outdoor concerts that celebrate a wide array of musical genres. From rock legends to classical orchestras, the festival brings together a diverse lineup in a historic venue known for its natural amphitheatre setting. What makes South Facing special is its ability to offer a concert experience that feels both grand and intimate, allowing attendees to see their favourite acts in a unique setting. It's the perfect summer outing for those looking to enjoy live music under the open sky, combining the charm of outdoor concerts with the diversity of a music festival.

If you're around in London be sure to check it out, expected to be a grand summer!


Penn Festival

Background: A family-friendly festival with a mix of genres and a strong 80s and 90s influence.

Music: Pop, rock, and dance.

Location & Date: Buckinghamshire, 19th-21stJuly.

2024 acts we'd see: Gok Wan, David Rodigan, Gentleman's Dub Club, Dick & Dom (nostalgic jump up)

Get tickets here

Penn Festival, located in the picturesque Buckinghamshire countryside, is a family-friendly event that brings together a mix of genres, with a notable nod to the hits of the 80s and 90s. It’s a celebration of nostalgia, combined with current chart-toppers, creating a lineup that appeals to all ages. The festival is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, offering not just music but a range of activities and entertainment for children, making it the ideal weekend getaway for families. With its blend of music, entertainment, and a commitment to creating a fun, safe environment, Penn Festival is a highlight of the summer for festival-goers looking to relive the classics and create new memories.


ArcTangent Festival

Background: Focused on post-rock, math-rock, and other experimental genres.

Music: Alternative, experimental rock, and electronic.

Location & Date: Bristol, 14th - 17th August.

2024 acts we'd see: Explosions in the Sky, And So I Watch You From Afar, Caspian, Mogwai, Bo Ningen

ArcTangent Festival is a haven for fans of post-rock, math-rock, and everything in between. Situated in the Somerset countryside, it's the go-to event for those who crave the more experimental side of the music spectrum. The festival prides itself on its carefully curated lineup, featuring a blend of influential acts and emerging talent in the alternative and experimental rock scenes. ArcTangent's intimate setting and passionate crowd create a unique atmosphere where fans can connect with the music and each other on a deeper level. It's a festival that challenges the mainstream and offers a home for the avant-garde, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for something different from their festival experience.

Read our review of last year here to see what you're in for!

Which one will you go to - follow us at Acid Rain for this festival season as we explore what the UK has to offer.


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