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Hermanos Gutierrez : In Review

Two Ecuadorian/ Swiss Brothers Stephan and Alejandro are the powerhouse behind Hermanos Gutierrez. They were first introduced to me over the first lockdown, their music instantly filling a void that led me falling madly in love with them. Simple yet profound, they create beauty and depth with minimalism: 2 guitars and percussion. Active since 2016, I have personally listened to ALL their albums and not one of them has disappointed me.

One of the main reasons I enjoy their music is because they are solely instrumental, leads for more creativity when I listen. Artistic and full of passion, their music flirts with you ears and mind. They evoke a sense of deep love for their culture and heritage whilst embodying a real modern approach that will make their music timeless.

It has been hard for me to pick and chose, but here are my top 5 songs from Hermanos Gutierrez that I believe are perfection.

First up is 'Amor Profundo', it's their most recent release, and as the title suggests (Profound Love) exudes sexiness and intimacy. A slow burner but full of passion, the beat makes you swing your hips as the guitar lures you in like a siren, sending you on a path of euphoria and bliss. This single stands out to me as I can imagine myself in some great romance novel in 1930s Latin America, or that one scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith....

If I close my eyes tightly and listen to 'Hijos del Sol' from their 2021 album, I feel like I am transported to far desert plains when the hot nights of summer are slowly fading, and the final glimmer of sunlight dips beneath the horizon. Latin culture is prominent throughout this album (as is the majority o their music) but it really brings in classical Latin American styles with a more modern approach which is timeless. Upon further reading it is revealed that the artists made the music video a tribute to Mexico - their "culture, people and spirit", so please check it out!

This year for Christmas I was lucky enough to be gifted El Camino de Mi Alma album, which google translate says means Path of my Soul - perfectly fitting. Giving me strong energy, it is a deeply moving album which takes you on a journey of emotion. 'Hasta la Murte' (in English, To Death) is my favourite song on the album - sombre and bittersweet yet is so beautiful in construction is tricks you into believing that there will be a happy end. Perhaps I resonate with this song in particular, losing someone close to me during the pandemic has taught me that life goes on but in the end death is inevitable, might as well enjoy the journey as you go. Not to be a nihilist! Stunning song, nevertheless.

Short, simple, sweet, 'Cerca De Ti' is the one song I throw at anyone who haven't heard of Hermanos Guitierrez. This 1:29 min track, in my opinion, captures their iconic sound. It is romantic and If I feel down this is what I play, on repeat, for at least 30 turns. its playful, thought provoking, nice on the ears, and passionate, it truly elevates my soul.

My last pick is 'El Jardin' from the 2017 album 8 Anos. Playful to the ear as they tickle the strings on their guitars, its whimsical and is beat listened to on a late spring day in my opinion. Quite traditional in Latin sound, this song makes me fantasize about being picked out of a crowd to dance on the Spanish Coast. listen for yourself.

While I have only picked out 5 tracks from the duo, I would highly recommend listening to their albums in full. Skillful and passionate, I cannot wait to see them live one day. Their music has a soulful connect and they need no lyrics to express that.

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