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OHHMS New Album ROT: In Review

Post Doom/ Sludge aficionados Ohhms are set to release their 4th album 'Rot' on the 31st of March this year! Known for their heavy riffs and explosive vocals that are filled to the brim with raw emotion, we are super excited to get a sneak peak of their newest album- we know how vibrant their music is so here's our full review:

Comprised of 8 tracks, I was told that this particular album takes inspiration from horror movies (as you can see with each song title) that the band has watched after their last album 'Close'. With this in mind I was super intrigued and was instantly hooked to see what kind of nightmare I can join.

It is well known on the scene that Paul Wallers vocals are unbelievably punchy, in live performing and recording, the tune which all you lovelies can go and hear on the newest album is 'Mephisto Waltz'. A horror film dripping in the occult, the song embodies old school rock at heart, with it getting quite heated early on It gives us a good taste overall what the album oozes. It's spicy, loud and exudes punk rock energy, listen to it below as it will instantly get you hooked for march 31st and for the rest of this review.

I enjoy the premise of the album, a conceptual piece which draws attention to 7 cult horror films of the day - if it has done one thing for me its to watch these horrors for 2023! Great promo. The entire album is art from the beginning with the nostalgic 'Tonight's Feature Presentation', a unique, theme friendly introduction to the album and gives a perspective of the macabre which is awesome. From 'Let's Scare Jessica To Death', which feels vulnerable with grunge sludge rhythm, to the high octane and entrancing tunes of 'Sisters' and 'Body Melt', it's evident that this album uses different musical structures to represent each individually - fantastic.

First off, I have to applaud Max Newton's drumming. He leads us into battle full of gore and surprise with the incredible rhythm in songs like 'Blood Feast' (which is extremely catchy by the way), it is as if his drums represents the heartbeat of the songs to get you head banging. He constantly psychs us up with the dirty rumbles of the Hi-Hat and Snare and sets us up for other tunes which match in ferocity like 'Sisters' which took me to the Devils layer. This song in particular has great lyrics, uplifting melody and hard hitting chorus leading me to put it on repeat. The soft vs rough timbre throughout sends you on a journey, it feels emotional yet fun at the same time.


Let's not forget Marc Prentice and Stuart Day teasing us with guitar constantly, playing back and forth with Chainey Rabbit on bass just shows how in tune they are as a band. They ride the sound, tame it in its wildness and let it free with Paul Waller being our voice of the march, the vocal range is impressive, with the occasional use of falsetto is superb ....My favourite tune which shows this in a nutshell is 'Eaten Alive', this in particular just has something that hits me right and would probably be the one I show people to listen to the band.

Using soundbites from the films allows us to get a sense of what the movies are without actually watching it, but one thing is for sure, everything is overtly dramatic, playing on the old horror tropes which work well to create a haunted, suspense filled atmosphere which I'm assuming is intentional. Take 'Swamp Thing' as a prime example, the grungy, thick riff to the prolonged, rough vocals emulates what I's assume the film to be. Each song has its own personality which is in keeping with the theme of the entire album concept which works amazingly and I wish for more bands to try something along the lines of this (makes it more interesting for the listener).

Poignant lyrics come in the form of 'Body Melt' and with the entrancing rhythm of the main riff creates a constant vibration within your soul. It gets you pumped, gets you frothing at the mouth wanting more. Sat next to it is 'A Dark Song' which is surprisingly fun in light of the title. It tickles your ears with the riff, head banging with the drums and lifts you high like a shot of something illegal in your bloodstream. The tempo keeps you on your toes as it flows in and out of emotive energy, falling into a void filled with horror movie snippets giving you space to breathe and reflect...."if I catch my breath". Beautiful.

To just give a quick conclusion for those who are following, the album gives a sweet high octane rhythm, the occasional solitary breaks for breathing and fantastic riffs throughout to keep your heart pumping. This album I could argue, is the best from the band yet in terms of sound and theme. It's uniquely Ohhms and I don't think another band is doing what they are, at the moment, within their space! I have seen them play live before, their energy is insane and chaotic but brings a whole group of people together with ease and I am super stoked to see how this will dish out in front of an audience.

Instrumentally, they are completely in tune, layering on guitars and movie soundbites is impressive and unique. Nostalgically fun, the Post Doom is vibrating in its inner core throughout the 8 tracks. In comparison to their past albums, the band feels more in sync, like they have found THE groove and have created something which everyone should go and listen to. There is a roar about their music which gets you gassed, it's the incredible energy which permeates through your headphones and me knowing what they are like live, you can clearly see that their passion for this genre of music is what drives them.

It's a lot to take in right? Well why don't you just go listen to their past albums to get you in the mood, ride the wave until March 31st when their new Album 'Rot' will be. All I know is that I will be seeing them live at ArcTangent Festival this August but if you cant wait for then, checkout their tour below:


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