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Roundhouse Rising Festival 2023: What's going on

London's renowned Roundhouse venue is once again making waves with the exciting revelations about the upcoming Roundhouse Rising Festival 2023. The three-day flagship extravaganza is scheduled to grace the stage from October 12th to 14th, brought to life through a dynamic partnership with BBC Introducing Live.

The spotlight will illuminate the stage for "Rising Presents x BBC Introducing". This captivating showcase is brilliantly designed to bring forth the finest emerging artists and the latest talents from the Roundhouse's artist-in-residence program. The exquisite performances are set to unfold within the intimate confines of the Studio Theatre. This ingeniously crafted program serves as a nurturing ground, providing unwavering support for exceptional emerging artists as they embark on their journey towards establishing enduring careers within the flourishing landscape of the creative industries.

on October 12th, prepare to be enchanted by the multifaceted talents of Amy Gadiaga, a Parisian virtuoso renowned for her prowess as a bassist, vocalist, composer, and dancer. Naima Adams, the melodious wordsmith from London, is poised to captivate hearts with her evocative songs. The enigmatic ensemble, Faker Villain, promises an avant-garde experience, where genre-defying instrumentalists unite to weave captivating musical narratives that traverse unexplored realms.

On October 13th, immerse yourself in the mesmerising soundscape crafted by Hohnen Ford, a pianist extraordinaire and a heralded 'one to watch' in the Sofar Sounds circuit. Tendertwin, hailing from Istanbul, graces the stage with a distinctively resonant voice that casts an enchanting spell. London's very own Gigi Williams, a versatile musician and presenter, adds her unique flavour to the musical tapestry.

The grand culmination on October 14th is a symphony of collaboration, presenting an empowering daytime symposium of live panels. These thoughtfully curated sessions are led by distinguished luminaries from the music industry. Intriguing topics include the intricacies of being an independent artist and the perpetual discourse on the necessity of a record label for success.

The esteemed panels will be gracefully presided over by the accomplished BBC presenters, including the likes of DJ Target, Jess Iszatt, Angelle Joseph, Jasmine Takhar, Abbie McCarthy, and Tom Robinson.

Jasmine Takhar

Abbie McCarthy

Amidst the array of inspiring daytime encounters, the evening of October 14th promises a captivating showcase. Among the star-studded lineup is Colectiva, orchestrating a harmonious blend of Afro-Latin rhythms and jazz influences, all while delving into themes of sisterhood and empowerment. London's own dynamic duo, Wooze, infuses the atmosphere with their infectious blend of electro-pop, drawing inspiration from the realms of Italo disco, '80s new wave, and art-pop. The night holds the promise of unveiling more musical virtuosos, ensuring an evening brimming with boundless potential.

Since its inception in 2011, Roundhouse Rising Festival has been synonymous with unearthing the creative gems of the future. Its acclaimed program of performances, workshops, and industry access has served as a nurturing cocoon for emerging artists, propelling them towards flourishing careers both onstage and behind the scenes.


Over the last decade, Roundhouse Rising has acted as a springboard for talents like Little Simz, Jacob Banks, Greentea Peng, Kojey Radical, KOKOROKO, and a myriad of others. At its core, Rising is driven by a dedicated commitment to steering emerging artists onto their artistic voyages, providing an open canvas for experimentation, and gifting audiences with moments of raw vulnerability, where the uncharted and the unknown come alive. so join us as we have a grand ol' time with this fantastic event!

Have a look below and we will see you at the front!


Thursday, 12 October - Rising Presents x BBC Introducing Live

From 7pm

Tickets from £5

Line up:

Amy Gadiaga

Naima Adams

Faker Villain

Friday, 13 October - Rising Presents x BBC Introducing Live

From 7pm

Tickets from £5

Line up:

Hohnen Ford


Gigi Williams

Saturday 14 October - Roundhouse Rising Festival x BBC Introducing Live

From 12pm

Tickets from £12.50

A daytime programme of live panels designed to empower aspiring artists.

Saturday, 14 October - Rising Presents x BBC Introducing Live

From 7pm

Tickets from £5

Line up:




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