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Building upon the momentum generated by her recent series of singles, the illustrious British rapper Speech Debelle presents her latest single, 'Wayward'. This enchanting gem of alternative hip-hop seamlessly merges her distinct fusion of soulful sounds and was released into the world on the 11th of May.

Next up for the rapper is her highly-anticipated album, 'Sunday Dinner on a Monday', as it approaches its release date on the 9th of June 2023, just in time for your dreamy summer.

the album includes captivating tracks such as 'Come Your Way', '101010', 'Atlantis', and 'Away From Here'. Read our review and act now to secure your pre-save link and be among the first to embark on the album's captivating sonic journey.

Having listened to the album in its entirety, we are astounded by the lyrical prowess, smooth flow, and impeccable meter of the songs. Touching upon profound topics and celebrating diverse cultures, it is imbued with honesty and sincerity that make it utterly addictive. Picture the sun streaming in, a barbecue sizzling, and the decks playing at full blast—this album is all you need for a good time.

Intriguingly, Speech explores the dual meanings behind her new single, explaining:

"It encapsulates the concept of the shadow self while embodying the delicate dance between masculine and feminine energies. For the music video, I chose to don a suit, representing my exploration of masculine energy, while the ethereal and captivating dancer Rónké Olágúnjú portrayed the feminine aspects within me."

Director Aiden Harmitt-Williams shares his artistic vision, commenting:

"From the moment the song materialised in my mind, I envisioned capturing it through a one-take-style visual, mirroring the fluidity and rhythm of the music itself."

Renowned for her remarkable ability to eloquently convey raw vulnerability alongside her sultry vocal tones, Speech Debelle tantalises listeners with a glimpse into her highly-anticipated fourth album. It comes as no surprise that the self-professed epicurean (a Celebrity Masterchef semi-finalist, accomplished cookbook author, and insightful podcaster) draws inspiration from the profound connections, comforting sensations, and cultural significance intertwined with food. As someone of Italian heritage myself, I am particularly drawn to songs such as "Curry Mutton," a love story of food and cultural appreciation. The artist herself expresses it clearly as she reveals:

"Sunday dinner takes on a sweeter essence when savored on a Monday, allowing ample time for flavors to meld and settle."


The album 'Sunday Dinner On A Monday', featuring the previously released singles 'Come Your Way', '101010', 'Atlantis', and 'Away from Here', delves into captivating realms of family dynamics, cherished friendships, ancestral heritage, and the profound imprints of our DNA, all viewed through the prism of afro-futurism.

With various musical genres intertwining within her album, including elements of 90s Acid House, soul, funk, and, of course, her lyrical rap flow, it becomes a palatable and stimulating experience. The words slice through you, as exemplified by tracks like '101010' and 'DNA'.

Community, culture, and candor are the three words that encapsulate the album. It draws you in, with Speech's voice leading you down the rabbit hole of musical appreciation. This isn't a hastily crafted endeavor for quick financial gain; the album perfectly embodies her soul, rhythm, and artistry. It is laid out on the dinner table, ready for you to devour every morsel.

Debelle's single 'Wayward' is out now

Sunday Dinner On A Monday has been meticulously mixed and masterfully crafted by Clinton McCreery, a Grammy-nominated and MOBO award-winning sound engineer celebrated for his collaborations with artists such as Enny, Kofi Stone, and Manik MC. The album boasts exceptional songwriting and production contributions from Skripture, known for working alongside industry heavyweights like, Gregory Porter, and Basement Jaxx. Collaborations with Dem Drums, the Jamaican production team Island Wav, Kensaye, and Mark Cake add further depth and texture to the album's sonic landscape. Noteworthy guest appearances include the accomplished English contemporary pianist and composer Neil Cowley, recognised for his collaborations with luminaries such as Adele, Emeli Sande, and Maribou State, as well as Miss Baby Sol, Dylema, Alyesha Lei, and Ruth Sax.

Going back to the album, the infectious beats and flowing melodies of songs like 'Magic', 'Sweet Dreams', and 'Atlantis' beg for remixes, with their smooth breaks, infectious drums, and unbeatable energy from Debelle. This album ebbs and weaves through a range of emotions, constantly keeping you on your toes. By surrendering yourself to her journey, you will feel and understand the passion she wants to convey.

She consistently opens the door between the artist and the listener, making it personal and real through the use of voice recordings, raw rap vocals, and deconstructed beats that allow for the free flow of air and timbre. It's all about freedom and being true to her reality.

The lyrics she employs are not only self-expressive but also urge you to reflect on your own individuality, creative expression, and purpose in life. It is inherently beautiful and thought-provoking. Take songs like 'Away From Here', '1111', and 'DNA' which delve into introspective themes. Speech elaborates on the overarching concept, expressing:

"It delves into our boundless capacity to imagine and manifest our own destinies. This album chronicles our transformative journey through life as we glean invaluable lessons from experiences that heighten our senses. Along this path, we cultivate inner resilience and draw closer to tranquility. Some of us even become nourished, akin to savoring a delectable feast. 'Sunday Dinner On A Monday' embodies precisely that essence."

This album is a love story, with a focus on exploration and past relationships, which is keenly felt in tracks like 'A Reading' and 'Exercise'. It encompasses the human experience that connects us all, and Speech Debelle's newest album feels nostalgic and genuine. Even if you can't relate to the presented themes (which I highly doubt), the album is still amazing, captivating your heart and mind as her voice and rhythm transport you to a world filled with light and love. It begs the question, would you have a Sunday Dinner On A Monday?



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