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Y Not Festival 2024: Our Top Picks

Y Not Festival 2023
Y Not Festival is back with a killer lineup

The key word is Nostalgia when it comes to Y Not Festival for their 2024 segment. Jumping into the realm of alternative and indie music within the picturesque Peak District, anticipation builds for this year's edition, let's explore our top picks from this brilliant lineup, promising an unforgettable experience for all alt and indie lovers.


Jamie T:

Infectious energy in the name of Jamie T at Y Not Festival 2024. With his blend of indie rock and rap, Jamie T has earned a devoted following with his raw, introspective lyrics and dynamic performances. Tracks like "Sheila" and "Sticks 'n' Stones" showcase his storytelling prowess and undeniable stage presence, making him a must-see act at the festival. I mean, Y Not? Go and see him, his first album is a British staple.



This trio describes themselves as a "raw punk powerhouse" as they blend elements of indie rock, psychedelia, and post-punk to create a sound that's uniquely their own. Drawing inspiration from bands like Joy Division and The Stone Roses, HotWax dish out killer grooves and swirling guitars that wrap their audiences in divine bliss. Tracks like "Treasure" and "Drop" showcase their knack for crafting catchy melodies with a psychedelic twist, been top of our list for a while to check out!


The Kooks:

Indulge in a wave of nostalgia with The Kooks as they take the stage. With their catchy hooks and anthemic choruses, The Kooks have become synonymous with indie rock's resurgence. Hits like "Naive" and "She Moves in Her Own Way" are guaranteed to get the crowd moving, making them a highlight of the festival lineup. I remember seeing them at the hight of their careers, have the changed, we will have to see!


Ist Ist: In our opinion, it would not be Y Not without Ist Ist. Originating from Manchester, they channel the dark, atmospheric soundscapes of post-punk pioneers like The Cure. With haunting vocals and driving rhythms, Ist Ist have always created an immersive experience that's both cinematic and cathartic. Songs like "Silence" and "Wolves" explore themes of isolation and existential angst, which have drawn in listeners worldwide. A clear staple of the scene of which they represent.


Bob Vylan:

Get ready to be moved and challenged by the unapologetic social commentary of Bob Vylan at Y Not Festival. Blending punk, rap, and grime, they fearlessly tackle issues of race, class, and inequality. Tracks like "We Live Here" and "England's Ending" demand attention and spark conversation, cementing Bob Vylan as a standout performer at the festival.


Black Honey:

Seen them play before and my, oh my! Insane. constantly bringing a deep rooted energy that pulls people in, they will easily satisfy your craving for gritty, guitar-driven rock. Hailing from Brighton, Black Honey infuses their music with elements of garage rock, shoegaze, and pop to create a sound that's both retro and modern. Inspired by the likes of Blondie and The Kills, Black Honey delivers dynamic hooks and razor-sharp lyrics that pack a punch. Tracks like "Lemonade" and "Beaches" exude attitude and swagger, making Black Honey a standout act on the festival circuit.


The Lancashire Hotpots:

Get ready for a rollicking good time with The Lancashire Hotpots. Coming from... you guessed it, Lancashire! A comedic musical ensemble that serves up a hearty dose of folk and rock that's guaranteed to have audiences laughing and dancing along. With songs celebrating everything from chippy tea to beer and footy, The Lancashire Hotpots bring a touch of Northern charm to the festival stage. Tracks like "Chippy Tea" and "He's Turned Emo" showcase their witty lyrics and infectious energy, making them a crowd favourite wherever they go. Just a good ol' laugh and boogie with this one!


Soft Play:

Experience the dreamy sounds of Soft Play as they transport you to a sonic wonderland at Y Not Festival. With their blend of Shoegaze, Electronic, and Indie Pop, Soft Play creates an ethereal atmosphere that's perfect for basking in the festival vibes. Tracks like "Act Violently" and "Punk's Dead" invite listeners into a world of brilliant cathartic release, making Soft Play a must-see act.


Frank Turner:

Join Frank Turner as he delivers his signature blend of folk-inspired anthems and impassioned lyricism at Y Not Festival. Whether he's performing solo acoustic ballads or leading his backing band, The Sleeping Souls, Turner's live shows are a tour de force of emotion and energy. Songs like "Recovery" and "I Still Believe" resonate deeply with audiences, making Frank Turner a standout performer at the festival.


Ruby J:

Witness the rising power of Ruby J as she takes the stage. From Liverpool, she is making waves with her soulful vocals and perfect indie rock anthems. Influenced by artists like Arctic Monkeys and Jade Bird, she crafts catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with audiences. Songs like "Don't Care" and "Truth" showcase her songwriting prowess and dynamic vocal range, marking her as one to watch in the music scene. With her subculture-inspired ethos and electrifying live performances, Ruby J is sure to leave a lasting impression at the festival. Once you listen to her, she will be at the top of any of your playlists. Powerful, unique and sultry.


King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys:

Step back in time to the swinging sounds of King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys. They easily blend blues, swing, and rock 'n' roll, which pays homage to the golden age of American music. Even though they are from the UK, King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys have been entertaining audiences around the world with their tight musicianship and infectious enthusiasm. Tracks like "Jump, Jive, and Wail" and "Jump For Joy" transport listeners to a bygone era of dance halls and juke joints, making them a must see.


Y Not Festival is not just about the music, it's a whole vibe, we are rather excited for the BBC Introducing stage. It's like a treasure trove of talent, showcasing the best of the grassroots music scene. From indie bands to solo acts, these guys are the future stars, and you get to catch them before they hit the big time. Top ones for us:

  1. Marseille - Psych Rock band with a nod to 90s Madchester and 60s Merseybeat. Love them!

  2. The Publics - From Mansfield, and Indi Rock band which are fun, nostalgic and damn catchy! They will fit in well at Y Not.

  3. Dorothy Ella - We fell in love with her voice immediately - Funky and Soulful, you can honestly dance all night to her music! Go check her out!


Now, let's talk laughs. You gotta check out the comedy stage. They'll have you snorting with laughter in no time. from Tom Wrigglesworth and Kazeem Jamal to Milton Jones and Karen Bayley, It will give a great break from all the music madness, trust me.

But wait, there's more! Food stalls serving up mouth-watering treats, cool art installations to explore, even fairground rides to get your adrenaline pumping, a cinema and let us not forget - the karaoke! Y Not Festival isn't just a music fest, it's a whole adventure waiting to happen. So grab your mates, soak up the vibes, and get ready for a wild ride!

Tickets are still available, but selling fast! so please head on over and grab yours while you still can, and join us!

 As always, see you at the front!

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