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A Low Down On ArcTanGent Festival 2023

Music festivals have the power to bring people together, create unforgettable moments, and celebrate the art of music. One such festival that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts in the United Kingdom is ArcTanGent Festival. Known for its unique focus on progressive, experimental, and alternative sounds, ArcTanGent has become a haven for music lovers seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. In this article, we dive into the world of ArcTanGent Festival, exploring its origins, lineup, and the incredible atmosphere that awaits attendees.

Unveiling the ArcTanGent Festival:

ArcTanGent Festival, often referred to as ATG, is an annual three-day music festival held in Bristol, UK. Established in 2013, it has quickly gained recognition for its exceptional lineup, showcasing an impressive array of progressive rock, post-rock, math rock, and other experimental genres. The festival takes place at Fernhill Farm, a picturesque location that serves as the perfect backdrop for an immersive musical journey.

Immersing in the Lineup:

ArcTanGent Festival prides itself on curating a diverse and eclectic lineup that pushes the boundaries of musical exploration. From established acts to emerging talents, the festival presents a carefully crafted selection of bands and artists that are sure to captivate attendees. Previous editions of ArcTanGent have seen performances by iconic acts such as Meshuggah, Cult of Luna, Shellac, Battles, and This Will Destroy You, to name just a few. The festival's commitment to showcasing both local and international talent makes it a must-attend event for any music aficionado.

This years line-up is awesome and fully packed with the creme de la creme of the progressive music scene. Here are our Top 5 acts that you should go see!

This list has changed so many times because the line up is just so stacked, but here we go...

At the top of the list is Elder. I've been a huge fan for years and get so excited every time I hear they're working on new music. Ever since I heard 'Compendium', my jaw dropped and I needed to know more about the band, so now they're a regular on my playlist. They will be playing Thusday!

The next 2 bands are both new to me, but from word of mouth I thought I would check them out:

Psychonaut and LLNN I've listened to but never seen them live, and I just cannot wait to see what they've got. Their music is just so powerful, it makes me weak at the knees. Top tracks, 'The Fall of Consciousness' (Psychonaut) and 'Despots' (LLNN).

Next up is one of the headliners, Heilung. I randomly discovered these by reading a "What's on" magazine and thought they looked really interesting musically. Had a listen, and oh my wow! they really do deserve one of the top spots. The way that they play with the soundscape is just mind-blowing. I would say to any first timers, just dive into their music and see where it takes you. Check out 'Anoana'.

Now, if I was able to attend the Wednesday, I would straight up be seeing Conjurer, DVNE and Pupil Slicer. Seen them all live and they all kill it on stage. However, since we can't, our final band on my list to watch is Igorr. They will be our mystery live band as I've never seen them or heard them, but they're another name that keeps popping up, so I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Who knows?

Top mentions for Post/ Math Rock connoisseurs And So I Watch You From Afar who are just perfection on stage, their music really touches us and are super friendly too. Give 'Big Thinks Do Remarkable' a listen, you won't regret it.

Also up there Dutch band GGGOLDDD who have beautiful somber music for your inner darkness - they have recently played alongside MONO who are legendary to say the least - if they believe you should listen to them, then so are we! if you have the chance on Saturday, head over to Yokhai stage to see A Burial At Sea who are brilliant Post Rockers who bring atmospheric beauty to your ears.

Finally, an honourable mention to OHHMS who we had the pleasure of reviewing their current album (which you can find here). please check them out, don't want to spoil anything but they are super good.

ArcTanGent Festival goes beyond being a mere music event, creating an immersive experience for attendees. The festival embraces the spirit of community, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Numerous stages and performance areas are scattered throughout the festival grounds, offering a variety of musical experiences. The Silent Disco, where attendees can dance to curated playlists through wireless headphones, has become a beloved highlight of the festival.

In addition to the captivating music, ArcTanGent Festival offers a host of other activities. Art installations, film screenings, workshops, and spoken word performances contribute to the festival's multi-faceted nature, allowing attendees to engage with various forms of artistic expression.

The ArcTanGent Experience:

The spirit of ArcTanGent Festival is characterised by an open-minded and passionate community of music enthusiasts. The festival's intimate setting encourages interaction and connection, allowing attendees to forge new friendships and share their love for music. The beautiful surroundings of Fernhill Farm, with its sprawling fields and scenic views, add a sense of serenity and escape from the outside world.

The ArcTanGent ethos extends to sustainability, with the festival taking steps to minimise its environmental impact. Initiatives such as recycling programs, renewable energy sources, and encouraging public transportation contribute to a greener festival experience.

ArcTanGent Festival has firmly established itself as a premier destination for progressive music lovers in the United Kingdom. Its dedication to showcasing innovative artists, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and embracing various forms of artistic expression sets it apart from other music festivals. Whether you're a die-hard fan of progressive rock or someone seeking a unique and unforgettable music experience, ArcTanGent Festival promises to deliver an adventure like no other. So, mark your calendars, embrace the sounds of the underground, and immerse yourself in the magic of ArcTanGent Festival.

As always, see you at the front

Tickets are still available!! Get them here now before they run out!


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