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Bonobo & Caribou @ Warehouse Project

Is there a better way to start Warehouse Project season 2022 than with a Bonobo and Caribou night? WHP has been at Mayfield Depot for a number of years now, a fantastic ex-train station which has transformed into a wonderful music venue and sick sound system.

Friday 26th August 2022

The smell of watermelon vape lingered in the air as we approach the venue, and chatters of excitement echoed as the people pour into the massive hall. With the booming of the subs filling the empty spaces, I am glad to be back. Can I now say that I am a veteran of WHP? that makes me feel too old, but I have had my fair share and this year felt different. It felt like a face-lift, a new generation of ravers who were as excited as us old bumps.

Caribou @ WHP 22
Caribou @ WHP 22

We arrived as Canadian artist Caribou had started playing. Known for a concoction of Dream pop-y psychedelic vibes with slick electronic looping and catchy tunes, Caribou ignited the audience into the action as everyone pounced towards the centre, bursting from the sides to catch a glimpse of his set. the lights popping, tunes dropping, he featured some of his most well-known songs such as 'Can't Do Without You', 'Odessa' & 'Bees'. Seeing him live after being a fan for so long only cemented my love for his music. He really set the vibe well, pumping us up for Bonobo.

Beers in, ciders down we elbowed our way to the front centre for Bonobo we were super excited as the lights popped up and people screamed. Opening with his older albums with tunes such


Bonobo @ WHP 22
Bonobo @ WHP 22

Bonobo AKA Simon Green was my first ever WHP, it lingers in my memory well, so it only seems fitting to nod back to him with this review. Back then I had fallen in love with Black Sands, it transported me to a hidden wilderness making me itch to see him live. With His newest album Fragments released last year, has a beachy Californian sound yet still retains his signature musical personality which we expect from him.

I was excited to see what he was going to bring to the decks. Surprisingly he used a great mixture of sounds from all his albums, absolute tunes such as 'Kerala', 'Cirrus' & 'Rosewood' made me giddy and pumped! Uber happy that the same songs still have a massive effect on me, coupled with the combination of the live orchestral instruments and vocals really made it such a wonderful experience. Am I glad that he's back in the UK? Hell yeah, you belong here mate.


The night felt like it passed in a heartbeat, the songs were back-to-back brilliant and the vibe passed. It felt like WHP hadn't gone away, the charm is still very much alive and it is constantly adapting to keep up with the ever-changing music scene. It stands as one of the best nights in Manchester, perhaps a bit more refined than when I was younger!

All in all what a fantastic start to WHP season, we are super excited to be going to most of the nights this year. Watch this space for more live reviews.


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