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Circoloco ~ WHP 2023

Circoloco event at WHP
Highly anticipated Circoloco event at WHP ~ Photo by Sophia Carey

When Warehouse Project announced their Circoloco showcase back in September we were beyond excited to attend and find out what they had in store for us. The impressive line-up, including Eliza Rose, Seth Troxler and Cici was announced as being headed up by the one and only Skepta. This was massive news with the event being the first time Skepta had headlined WHP since 2018, but unlike 2018 this time he was returning with a much anticipated DJ-set with record label Circoloco. All the more exciting with the label recently closing a packed-out summer of parties at DC10 in Ibiza.

Finally, the day arrived, and as soon as we got to the venue we saw it had all the ingredients for a great night. As a Circoloco event, we anticipated hot Ibiza afterparty energy mainlined straight to the system. Something much needed heading into these long Mancunian winter months. In this respect, it without a doubt delivered. There were 10 hours of music, over three stages, with 16 different artists performing. That night while enjoying sets from the likes of Prospa and TSHA we felt far far away from the unseasonably icy Manchester weather.

First thing to note, is that as always with Warehouse the visuals and production were next-level. Over in the concourse, the lighting was like a whole other show in itself. It wasn't just your usual strobes and spotlights – they had this intricate display that synced perfectly with each artists set. For example, Prospa were in the Concourse’s 360 stage. From here they closed their set with Swim’s "Love (Bleeding vocal remix)" to a backdrop of hypnotic red and white lasers - simply euphoric. In fact, what struck us about all the sets the night was how they nailed the balance between technology and artistry. It wasn't just flashy lights for the sake of it; every visual element seemed thoughtfully crafted to enhance the music. Going down a treat with a lively crowd.

the energy was unreal at Circoloco
The energy was unreal at Circoloco ~ Photo by Daisy Denham

Our day had started early with Eliza Rose at the Depot. There was a great energy about her set, which on heightened when she dropped a remix of the baseline classic, "Heartbroken" by T2. The nostalgia of this was everything, the crowd immediately sang (or in some cases screamed) along supported by an insane bass. The thing about Eliza, is that she never misses, we hadn’t heard a crowd that loud in some time. She is easily one of the most transformitive artists out there at the moment and experiencing her live is a must.

Alright, so now lets talk about Skepta's DJ set. Having seen him plenty of times in the past we were really excited to see what he would bring. He delivered an experience of impeccably blended Techno/house beats and instantly recognisable label tracks in one unforgettable night. The atmosphere was unreal – a mix of anticipation and pure excitement that only builds when you know you're in for something special. What really stood out was how Skepta connected with his audience. He wasn't just up there performing to the packed crowd; he was vibing with us. It felt like we were all part of this shared moment, connected through the music. This was most apparent halfway through his set when he gave us the Mas Tiempo x Amy Winehouse version of "Tears Dry On Their Own". The crowd’s reaction was palpable, it was a moment. That song alone was testament to his skill and presence. He made his mark in the Warehouse Project history books, delivering a night that won't be forgotten anytime soon. If you were lucky enough to be there, you know what we’re talking about.

Skeptas' incredible performance at The WHP
Skeptas' incredible performance at The WHP - Photo by Daisy Denham

The addition of Skepta to the line-up truly elevated the Warehouse Project's Circoloco showcase. His set was a masterclass in blending genres and creating an electrifying atmosphere. Skepta's presence was commanding yet set a sense of unity among the crowd. The sheer energy he brought to the venue was tangible, with every beat and transition drawing the audience deeper into the experience. The mix of his iconic tracks with unexpected remixes showcased his versatility and deep understanding of what makes a great show. It was a performance that not only lived up to but exceeded the high expectations set by his previous appearances.

Le's not forget the standout performances of Maceo Plex, Saoirse, Shanti Celeste, and Krysko. Maceo Plex, known for his unique blend of techno and house, captivated the crowd with his deep, pulsating rhythms that seemed to resonate within the very walls of the venue. Saoirse, with her dynamic and eclectic mix, took us on a mesmerising journey through different textures of electronic music, showcasing her extraordinary ability to read and respond to the crowd. Shanti Celeste, meanwhile, infused her set with a soulful energy, blending classic house elements with fresh, innovative beats that kept the audience entranced. And then there was Krysko, whose deep understanding of the underground scene was evident in every track he spun, creating an atmosphere that was both intimate and explosive. Each act, in their own right, contributed to an unforgettable night of music, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of everyone who was fortunate enough to be there.

All-in-all, Circoloco was an unforgettable experience. From the early hours with Eliza Rose's captivating set to the exhilarating climax with Skepta's outstanding performance, the event was a perfect blend of music, visuals, and atmosphere. The artists delivered sets that resonated with the audience, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It was a night where music and community came together in perfect harmony, leaving everyone in attendance longing for the next Warehouse Project experience. Truly, it was a night that encapsulated the essence of Manchester's vibrant music scene and reinforced the Warehouse Project's reputation as a beacon of cutting-edge musical experiences.


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