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WHP | TRICK 11.11.23 Review

a magical evening - TRICK WHP - Photo by Anthony Mooney
A magical evening - TRICK WHP - Photo by Anthony Mooney

The energy in The Warehouse Project was unmatched! I may be totally biased, but a TRICK crowd is the BEST crowd! I’d been looking forward to this one for a long time, and it was clear that the other 9,999 ravers had too! That’s right… a complete sell out of 10,000 ravers coming together to witness the madness that is TRICK on Saturday, 11th Nov. And for that, we can thank the top dog that is Patrick Topping!

Here are our highlights:

When I go to raves and festivals I’m usually over ambitious, aiming to see far too many artists than physically possible. So, this time I planned tactically and narrowed it down to three; Green Velvet, Patrick Topping and Hannah Laing.

We arrived sometime after 9:30pm so with Green Velvet not starting until 10:30pm, we decided to use the time to nail as many vodka lemonades as possible and have a jump around in the concourse and archive… Each room at The Warehouse Project has its own character and vibe which I love and the above three I planned to see were all in the depot. The whole venue was a raver’s paradise, bangers galore coming from every room and the TRICK family living their absolute best lives, grooving to every beat.

It was time for Velvet to "meet us at the club" and what a set this was! He put a spin on every drop, whipping surprises off the turntables left right and centre. It felt as though Green Velvet was the leader of a tribe, and we were all marching along, being absorbed by his music.

One of my fave moments was when he dropped his track "Deceiver" with Chris Lake. I could hear the track being teased quietly, filling me with excitement and anticipation from head to toe! As soon as it dropped the crowd erupted...the tune was not only propa' naughty, but the show itself was a spectacle as the lights went ballistic. The bass echoed between every square inch of the depot, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Green Velvet
Green Velvet - photo by Sophia Carey

My second favourite moment from his set was when he transformed the depot from absolute carnage, to chilled tingly vibes with the "you & me", the Disclosure/ Flume remix. Everyone was singing along, embracing one another… It was a special moment, but instead of the steady dubstep like drop that I expected, he went straight into his "Space Date" with Adam Beyer - Pleasurekraft Remix. UNREAL!

Now it was Patricks turn to “Make me happy, happy, happy, happy’'!

Patrick’s sets are always out of this world, each time I’ve had pleasure of seeing him they’ve only gotten better and better! He’s a musical genius and most definitely one of my all-time favourite producers. Throughout the two and a half hours he played, gallons of euphoria filled my body. He brilliantly orchestrated a mixture of tunes from different genres into techno and house. When he dropped his new tune "Whisper" (feat Ralphi) the depot lit up with a mesmerising neon green, the TRICK clouds were glowing, lasers were beaming in all directions, and the crowd was loving it! His set was immaculate, this was a no-brainer that it would be! Patrick has done a great deal for the dance scene and creating TRICK has enabled him to help so many new talented DJ’s/producers to progress by releasing their music on his label. Thank you, Patrick, for establishing TRICK and for all the hard work from you and the crew, making outstanding events like this possible.

The legendary Hannah Laing rocking the stage as per
The legendary Hannah Laing rocking the stage as per - photo by Sophia Carey

When Hannah Laing is on the decks “you know we got to get busy.” I am a huge fan of Hannah’s, she’s incredibly talented, inspiring and has worked so hard to get where she is today. I first saw her at TRICK Liverpool last December and I have been obsessed ever since. This was my 4th time seeing her since then and she of course lived up to expectations. The TRICK family were absolutely buzzing when Hannah came on! I managed to get a shoulder seat when she dropped her remix of Calvin Harris "Desire". The TRICK clouds were glowing pink, and deep neon purple was shining all around under an ecstatic crowd, not one muscle in the depot was still and one group had created a huge Scotland flag with Hannah’s face on and were holding it up with so much pride. My favourite moment of the whole night was when Hannah played an electric remix of “Thank You” by Dido. The whole crowd sang along, and we all bonded together under the strobes. I just remember thinking… “This is what it’s all about, this is it!” - Take a bow Hannah Laing, you absolute legend.

The infamous cloud of TRICK - photo by Anthony Mooney
The infamous cloud of TRICK - photo by Anthony Mooney

4am came along so quickly and I didn’t want to leave… I don’t think anyone did! I absolutely loved the lighting/ production, and all the TRICK decor details throughout The Warehouse Project… Especially the clouds! Thank you to The Warehouse Project and to TRICK for putting on the party of a lifetime! When’s the next one?

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