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Everyone's Talkin' About The Gou | Peggy Gou

And here we go again, Warehouse project for a spectacular sold out night with the one and only Peggy Gou - Gou Talks

Main stage packed - WHP - Photo by Jody Hartley

We were excited for such a brilliant evening ahead of us! With artists such as Josey Rebelle, Laurent Garnier, Chaos In The CBD & ofc, Peggy Gou we knew it would be memorable. We headed on down to experience a disco fuelled night full of laughs, great music and glitter. Now, I personally have never seen Mayfield Depot so busy, the line was the long but the energy was undeniably strong as the hum of people filled the air.

Piling into the venue ,we ran up to the platform over looking concourse to hear the blasting beats of Chaos in the CBD. The New Zealand duo brought to the decks a hard hitting set which fused elements of Techno and Jazz to keep our senses tantalisingly on fire. mashing together an eclectic mix of tunes, they kept the vibe high (cough cough), the mixes were trippy and trance-y and the crowd was f**** lovin' it.

Heading on through the sweat of the crowd, we piled all the way to the back to see one of the overall highlights of the entire night. Josey Rebelle who was playing in Archive. Jaw-dropping beats with a slick mix and constant energy that made people fall in, she really shook the house. Blending multiple genres effortlessly - Acid House to Techno to Deep House and even Jungle, she constantly kept us on our toes which was brilliant.

Josey Rebelle - WHP - photo by Jody Hartley

as the night faded into a rave dream, and like a casino we didn't know the time, we found ourselves at the front for Laurent Garnier's set. This French born DJ and Producer probably knows Manchester better than me, he has been active in the city since the 80s, known for playing in the infamous Hacienda merging Acid House with Detroit Techno. He threw out deconstructed techno beats to the crowd, giving us modern nostalgia as people danced into the night and ticked off a box on my musical bucket list.

Peggy Gou - WHP - photo by Jody Hartley

A wee and a drink later the time hath came for Peggy Gou. this is what people were here for, with anticipation for here to jump onto the stage, people funnelled in from all sides of the venue, the balcony was heaving and the lights went POP. With great visuals, insane lights and a sound system to kill - Peggy Gou delivered. She is known for her deep house mixes with a homage to her South Korean heritage, and in these past few years, is all anyone can talk about. Her personality shined as she danced and sang along to her tunes and surprised the audience with cool, slick mixes that sent them into a raving frenzy. Ending on 'Starry Night' made people scream and bounce, not bad for a 4am finish.

As the night end and people sighed in British it was evident the serotonin was too high for people to stop dancing. The flocks piled out shuffling and singing, it was a magically fun night with a good energy to the people who attended.

We are excited to see if she returns for WHP '23, and so should you!

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