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Late Night Ravers - Warehouse Project NYE

All 📸 by Jay Fisher

Oh, what a night! New Year's Eve at The Warehouse Project in Manchester was an absolute belter. This place, famed for its banging nights, outdid itself as we waved goodbye to the old year and stepped into the new with a bass drop. The gaff was rammed, proper rammed – think sardines in a tin but with more glow sticks and less fish smell.

It was buzzing, electric even. Every snapshot from the night shows a sea of rave-ready faces, all beaming under the strobe lights. The crowd was on it, pulling poses for the camera before I could even get a focus. It’s like, everyone loves a rave, but chuck a camera into the mix, and it’s like moths to a flame – everyone wants a piece of the action.

Right, let's get into it – Hannah Wants absolutely tore it up, didn't she? Her set was blazing, sending the energy levels through the roof and then some. That's exactly what The Warehouse Project is all about – those unforgettable moments where the music just takes over, and Hannah absolutely nailed it.

But it wasn't just Hannah lighting up the decks. From Rudimental's electrifying DJ set that had us all jumping to the master of garage, Sammy Virji, who dropped banger after banger, keeping the vibe alive and kicking. And let's not forget Gina Breeze, the queen of the groove, who had the Archive room grooving non-stop with her infectious house beats, whipping up a vibe that was downright euphoric.

And the get-ups? Pure gold. From fluffy hats that would make your nan proud to neon getups straight out of a 90s fever dream, it was all there. It’s the mishmash of styles that really ties the whole rave scene together.

Adding to the mix, we had DJ EZ, a true wizard behind the decks, blending quick mixes and garage classics that reminded everyone why he's a legend in the scene. His set was a masterclass in keeping the dance floor packed and moving. Then there was Paul Woolford, dropping those deep, soulful tracks mixed with thumping techno that just resonated with the soul of the rave. The man knows how to take you on a journey.

And we can't overlook Jaguar, whose selections were a brilliant showcase of the diversity within electronic music, from techno to disco, keeping the energy high and the crowd engaged. Her set was a testament to her rising star in the music world, making sure everyone knew she was there to make a statement.

But not everything's rosy. Noticed a bit of a shift this time around. Instead of getting lost in the music, loads were glued to their phones. Filming, snapping, you name it – all trying to capture the moment rather than just living it. Bit of a downer and has been a centre of hot topic for venues and events to curb on most famously Berghain who puts tape over any camera. Would WHP benefit from that?

From start to finish, the night was a musical rollercoaster, highlighting the depth and diversity of the UK's electronic music scene. Each act brought their unique flavour to the mix, making for a night that was not just about individual sets but the collective experience of being part of something truly special. The Warehouse Project once again proved itself as the place to be for anyone looking to lose themselves in the music and be part of the moment.

All-in-all, the night was an amazing array of talent. no matter where you went, no matter the time of the evening, it was always popping. The ravers and music made it an unforgettable countdown to 2024 and it was a night of pure energy, a real testament to Manchester's rave culture. The tunes, the laughs, and the sheer madness lingers in my thoughts. It’s these nights that stick with you, the ones where you dance so hard your legs hate you the next day. Here’s to many more at The Warehouse Project. If you weren’t there, you missed out, big time. Let’s not make that mistake in 2024, yeah?

As always, see you at the front 💃🏼



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