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Why AudioFarm Is The Festival To let Yourself Reign Free - 2022 Review

Audiofarm 2022 - Photo by Robin Hill

If you like health & wellbeing mixed with beautiful art, a free spirit and great music, then look no further as we have found the festival for you! We were kindly allowed to do a full review of Audiofarm and find out why its a spoken of fondly by the people who love it the most.

So what is Audiofarm? A unique festival that has deep connections toward the arts, has a strong grassroots community and is just all around whimsical. Even though it is the smallest festival I have ever been too yet, I am now wholeheartedly convinced I’ve been massively missing out this entire time! Snuggled away in Kidderminster you find yourself nestled between a local farm and the rest of the festival itself - walking from the campsite area you’ll very quickly arrive at quaint shops that offer hula hooping for anyone and everyone before you get to the three main stages.

Just past the main field you can even go further to the healing area which bustling with life day or night and is accompanied by the picturesque lake where you can watch performers. This relaxing environment was perfect for the countless yoga sessions and lying in the sun before the big evenings of dancing. We also enjoyed the several other activities to inspire your inner artist including a capitalism coffin, wreath and flower crown making and painting.

Despite music starting late afternoon, the festival was never short of anything to take in and admire!

Photo by Karen Duckworth

Even if you did just want to relax in your tent during the day - you were never missing out on any of the endless amounts of fun, such as the delights of professional stilt walkers and drum circles which were performed in the main campsite area. But we were here for the music (that being our main priority) the rest was an exciting addition.

The evenings acts brought everyone to life, with people packing into the Sun stage like moths to a flame, we were mesmerised by the insane amount of talent this entire weekend which we thrived off. From professional dance routines to crazy Jungle and soft indie, there was a sound for everyone.

Crazy P Soundsystem delightfully kickstarted my weekend, finding people double dutch skipping whilst others danced and some sat and enjoyed, it was an amazing welcome for what was to come to this relaxing weekend of doing things that make your body, mind and soul feel good. it really set the scene well for the next couple of days.

Photo by Jonathan Vines

On the Wizard’s nest stage I also got to see the likes of Passer, See Thru Hands and Erol Alkan perform; all of which brought a similar mix of crowd - some dancers at the front, some people just sat enjoying on the outskirts. It’s safe to say that this festival has a space for everyone and anyone to be able to enjoy its offering and lineups.

As each evening progressed you made your way down the slight hill to dance until the early hours of the morning. With the festivals countless DJ sets which provided you with mashups on classics to a wide range of beats and bops, the fun never stopped and the energy was a perfect concoction to make loads of new friends. Big names and smaller artists alike bumped shoulder to shoulder, creating a palpable energy which was unbelievably addictive, People were friendly, earthy and free-spirited.

Highlights of the festival included an electric set from Ben Sims, funky tunes from K.O.G, some dirty beats from Helena Hauff just to name a few. Before retiring to your tent you also have the opportunity to see amazing fire dancers to round off your day perfectly, which I think would be fair to say that the whole crowd enjoyed. Relaxing and tantalising for all your senses.

KOG @ Audiofarm 2022 - Photo by Johnathan Vines

Overall, we were completely taken aback by the general nature of Audiofarm- a beautiful space for music and art, the two worked harmoniously together and is a real testament to the festival's ethos of sustainability, education on leaving spaces the same. Everyone from fellow festival goers, to volunteers and bar staff alike were welcoming and gave an amazing vibe that added to the overall experience. The entire festival went way too quick for our liking, there was so much more to explore and we hope to see you there again next year to explore all our senses.

Sunset over Audiofarm - photo by Jonathan Vines

Hasta - la vista baby.


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