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Groovebox x Hannah Laing: Welcome to The Doof

Hannah Laing Doof Doof
Doof Doof

Hannah Laing returned to Nottingham for her Welcome to The Doof tour and oh my days… it

went OFF! Every time I’ve seen Hannah it just gets bigger and better; her set was another

level completely. From house to trance to techno to clubland- her unique sound has it all.

The vibes were immaculate from the get-go. We got to the venue and a flood of ravers were

lined up, clearly buzzing for the day. We were lucky enough to be on the guest list for this

one, so we headed to the front of the queue and made our way into The Level. Every

groovebox event I’ve been to is always smoothly organised and the team/staff are always

super friendly.

As well as Hannah we also saw Just Two and Matt Guy. Both incredible sets, they got us

grooving and did not disappoint in the slightest, a massive hats off to both! But today I’m just

going to focus on the madness that is Hannah Laing.

Hannah got her first set of decks at 18, she grew up listening to old school trance with her

parents and has always loved the tunes and the raving. She continued DJing alongside

dentistry for years. By the end of 2022 due to rising success, she was able to quit

the dentist life to become a DJ full time, the hard work finally began to pay off… Fast forward to today and she’s still absolutely killing it. With her Welcome to The Doof UK tour, winning Radio 1’s best breakthrough artist award, and her "Good Love" tune with RoRo has received certified gold with over 100 million streams across all platforms! Plus, she’s currently releasing a 3 track EP, Triple F on her own doof doof label! An absolute icon!

Here are our highlights:

Moments before the set started, no music playing yet and the crowd began to cheer, chant,

and even scream with excitement… “Hannah, Hannah, Hannah fucking Laing!” The room

was dark, but the DJ booth was lit up slightly with a smoky white fog. Slowly emerging from

the fog was Hannah’s silhouette getting ready to activate the doof! The suspense was

unreal! “System activated, welcome to the doof” … What a fucking class intro! It got

everyone going immediately, ravers began to jump around as the heavy beats filled the


pink lasers and lighting
Incredible scenes at Hannah Laing

Up first she played her tune "Be The One", this is one of my favourites! The feeling this tune gives me I can’t even explain, it’s an absolute banger. The crowd were singing along and bopping to every beat. I already knew we were in for a good night, but I really felt it at this point… I was in my element! The doof visuals were mad, so many cool pictures and icons were flashing up which proper added to the atmosphere.


One moment that stuck out to me is when she dropped her remix of "Coming on Strong" with Ben Nicky and Paul Findlay. Pink lasers became the skies over our heads, then when the beat dropped the room erupted, more pink visuals came up on the screen, all the lights were moving crazy and I heard this one lad behind me just going “doof, doof, doof, doof” Absolutely love to see it!

I loved when everyone sang along to “Castles in the Sky” by Ian Van Dahl, there’s just

something about everyone singing together, being ‘in the mixer’ where we’ve all come to

enjoy the same tunes and just forget about the worries of life. Then when the beat drops and

the bass kicks in, it just gives you that feeling you can’t replicate anywhere else! I love that

Hannah plays all the old school bangers and brings that sound back in to some of her songs


I didn’t stand still throughout the whole of her set; it would’ve been impossible to even

try. But I did slow it down when I could hear "Adagio for Strings" coming up, the crowd

swaying from side-to-side as the euphoric instrumental engulfed the room. I remember blue

lights waving over the crowd, everyone taking in the moment together, a feeling like no

other. The beat dropped and the lasers began to strike the dancefloor, electrifying the crowd.

A magical moment.

Groovebox x Hannah Laing - Welcome to The Doof
Groovebox x Hannah Laing - Welcome to The Doof

I loved every second of this event. Every track was an absolute belter, the energy from the crowd was full ecstasy; we had the best time. So many new and upcoming tunes in Hannah’s set too, I can’t wait for her unreleased track I need it more” to be out. I reckon that’ll be my new favourite, a proper naughty one.

Thank you to the groovebox team for putting on a class party and a huge thank you to Hannah Laing, for blessing Nottingham with her talents yet again. When’s the next one?

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