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Fair Play Festival // Our Picks

Fair Play Festival 2024 artwork
Fair Play Festival comes to us yet again on April 6th, Manchester

Get ready to experience the ultimate celebration of music and unity at Fair Play Festival 2024, In the heart of Manchester. Set against the vibrant backdrop of one of the UK's cultural powerhouses, a festival where eclectic beats, innovative talents, and the spirit of the city come alive. This year, Will and Alyssa have curated an unmissable list, handpicking three artists each to guarantee your festival experience is nothing short of legendary. Whether you're here for the pulsating rhythms of electronic beats, the soulful strums of a guitar, or the magnetic pull of indie vocals, this festival is where musical dreams turn into reality. Dive into a world where every note plays a story, every beat paints a picture, and every performance is a memory waiting to be made. Don't miss out on this unparalleled celebration of sound, spirit, and the sheer joy of music. Welcome to Fairplay Festival 2024 – where the music plays and the soul dances.

On the 6th April - tickets are still available so grab em' while you can!

Let's delve into the musical abyss together 💃🏼

Will's Picks

The New Eves - Spotify

My most anticipated artist of FAIR PLAY, The New Eves are a Brighton based quartet. They are a truly interesting and fresh group, with a mix of folk and post punk in their sound. They pair strings with bass and guitar and in their debut track "Mother", included in the FAIR PLAYLIST, they boldly mix strings and guitar, notably cello and bass guitar and it works. They have an interesting approach to harmony that almost approaches dissonance in places that works very well with their overall voice. I rate they're not just one to watch for the festival, but one to watch going forward!

Crimewave - Spotify

I instantly clicked with Crimewave. they are a hard one to pin down to a genre but is undeniably grounded with heavy with strong and moody bass while kept somewhat ethereal with spacey vocal tracks. One of the tracks in the is a collab with Commodo (who I love) and I didn't even spot it until I was checking out the rest of the Crimewave tracks but it's a pairing that makes a lot of sense as they both have a similar, moody approach to electronic music. There's already great variety on show from the tracks included in the playlist, from the vapor/synthwave influenced "Disposable" to the almost jungle break beats of "50 Rapid", I predict Crimewave to go OFF.

Leather.head - Spotify

I did not expect two of my three picks to be post-punk acts but it seems I've learnt that I love this genre with odd instrumentation and progressive elements. Leather.head mix your typical post-punk voice of guitars and drums... with brass! I am completely hooked. The track I heard first (and still my favourite), "Mara", is over 7 minutes long and ebbs and flows beyond what you'd expect from the genre. I do worry that their sound doesn't change enough between tracks but the composition has kept me interested and I'm excited to see how these guys transfer to a live environment.

If you were on the fence about FAIR PLAY, I rate these acts are worth the price of admission and you'll probably be paying more to see them individually in a few years time.


Lys's Picks

Tigers & Flies - Spotify

Classifying such a unique sound is a challenge; an eclectic mix of pop, post-punk, with hints of jazz, they are stellar to say the least (a whopping cheers to FAIR PLAYLIST for exposing me to this hidden treasure). The infusion of brass into their pieces works effectively to create profound melodic harmonies - I am very excited to see how such a distinct voice translates with a live audience.

Rooted in the Manchester scene, I am shocked such a gem is seemingly undiscovered. Their earthy vocals provide a sincere voice which is deepened by their distinct brass components. I love it. Exciting developments are unfolding here and there is no doubt in my mind that their performance will exude a heartfelt soulfulness which will resonate particularly with a Mancunian crowd.

Ellie Bleach - Spotify

Witty, effortless, sultry. A fantastic storyteller with raw lyricism and an undeniably skilled vocalist (not to mention some extremely powerful instrumentals); Ellie Bleach has a gorgeously fluid and sensual sound which captures an immense depth. There's an intangible conflict within her work that intrigues me greatly, her mastery of vocalism and obvious wit contained within her lyricism leaves me anticipating a captivating and theatrical performance.

Her work conveys an exciting approach to a modern woman’s perspective; using humour to convey cynicism backed by some performative elements of cabaret - it all culminates to create something undeniably successful. Instantly enchanted by the aura of her work, I have no doubt this will be mirrored by those lucky enough to witness her perform during FAIR PLAY.

TaliaBle - Spotify

Somewhat of a turn in tone here, but I am simply obsessed by TaliaBle’s work. Described as a dysfunctional rapper and visual artist, I am Instantly gripped by “Reclaim”. I am beyond excited by the passionate sentiment which is embellished by her lyrical artistry and (somewhat contradictory) alternative beats, with heavy punk elements.

Her track “PANDORA’z SPIT” encapsulates this one-of-a-kind voice. If you take nothing else from my top picks, go have a listen. With a perplexing and intriguing sound, her set will no doubt be a must-see.

This is only a fine selection of theacts that you'll see at FAIR PLAY. have a gander at the official playist, tell us what you think and as always - see you at the front!


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