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Azyr - All Night Long // Teletech

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Teletech presents Azyr All Night Long

Ain't No Party Like An Azyr Party... or so we hear.

Stepping into the realms of Teletech is like opening a pack of Pringles - once you pop you canny stop, it's like discovering a portal to another dimension, one where the boundaries of electronic music are not just pushed but utterly obliterated. Coming from the DnB scene I was scared, cowering in the corner as the thump of Techno hypnotised me - I have slowly become It.

At the vanguard of this revolution for me is Azyr (Ah-zigh-er ... not Az-eeer). He's the maverick, the enigma, the pulse that turned from a heartbeat into a roar over the past year. Rising from the obscurity of bedroom DJ streams to the pulsating limelight of techno’s finest, Azyr embodies the unquenchable spirit of the scene. He's known for weaving soundscapes that have captured many hearts. for this night, nit was 5000 and a sold out show. His tracks infused with the kind of bass that hits you in the chest and doesn’t apologise for it. Hailing from the undercurrents of the underground, his journey to the apex of techno’s echelon is a tale of grit, beats, and basslines.


In the midst of Trafford's industrial sprawl, amidst the cold steel and colder wind, lies the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, the promised land where Teletech 2024 is set to be hosted. It's a place that, despite its isolation and the unfortunate snub from any sane public transport route, became a crucible for the techno faithful. Here, the desolate wind outside couldn’t be more at odds with the warmth inside - a thump so juicy it defies the grim exterior, an auditory balm soothing the soul, transforming the chill into an embrace that complements Azyr’s tracks.

The vibe? It’s indescribable, a manifestation of friendliness cloaked in the unanimous choice of black, techno's unofficial uniform. The air inside was electric, charged with anticipation and a shared connection so palpable you could almost see the notes dancing in the air. The back screen ominously set to a blood red with the infamous Teletech logo donned centre. Packed to the rafters, the crowd moved as one organism, united by the relentless, intense beats.

The Man himself

Azyr's music is the kind that ignites a fire in the belly. The night began with two hours of relentless, euphoria-inducing beats that had the crowd in a frenzy. Although there was a lull in the middle - perhaps a necessary reprieve for the stamina of the crowd - Azyr understood his disciples well, lifting us back into the stratosphere as the night wore on. The incessant drill of the bassline lingered for days after, stripping in new content flushed with more well-known, constantly keeping us in line, bewildered and attached. From electrifying bangers like 'Direct It to the Roof' to his heartfelt, happy hardcore closing number, 'I Need Your Lovin', it was truly remarkable to witness his journey from humble beginnings to his current status on the global stage.

By 4 AM, fatigue started to set in. My knees, once warriors on the dance floor, now begged for mercy, yet the spirit was as willing as a fresh vinyl on the decks. Despite the exhaustion, there was a unanimous agreement: it was an astounding night. A night where Azyr and Teletech proved once again that techno isn’t just music; it’s a lifeforce. And as for me? Well, I'll be nursing these old knees back to health, ready for the next techno pilgrimage.

Will we see you at this years Teletech Festival? If so, we will see you at the front!

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