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Manchester Psych Fest 2022: What To See

Manchester is known for its love for music and we are super happy to be covering Manchester Psych Fest this year. With over 60 fantastic artists playing in Venues spread across the heart of Manchester - Albert Hall, o2 Ritz, RNCM Theatre, Gorilla, YES, Deaf Institute - It is going to be one of our musical highlights of the year.

We are in for a very fun yet very busy day at Manchester Psych Fest '22 - here are the top 10 we think you should see (some do overlap, however).


Tinariwen - MAIN STAGE: ALBERT HALL - 18:15 -19:15

All the way from the Sahara Desert region of Northern Mali we have Tinariwen who are Tuareg musicians who have pioneered the 'Desert Blues' sound and landed them with high notoriety in the genre of Global music. We have been desperate to see them for a long time, with amazing songs such as 'Toumast Tincha', 'Sastanàqqàm' & 'Tiwàyyen' which perfectly portray what they exude. Their deep melodies, enchanting vocals and a perfect psychedelic vibe capture, in our mind, what it would be like to live in the Sahara Desert.


Sugar Candy Mountain - THE PINK MOON: YES - 20:00 -20:45

Psychedelic pop band Sugar Candy Mountain comes all the way from sunny California on Saturday to give us a groovy set. wavy psychedelic tunes that throw you back to the Bauhaus 60s where all the Hollywood Starlets would hang by the pool drinking Martinis. Their 2016 album 666 is a perfect point to start with their music, our fave song being 'Windows' - but also check out 'Running From Fire' & aptly named '666'. Check them out, we will see you at the front!



Aussie band Party Dozen throws our way a cool Sydney sound, creating noise and hypnotism with the flow of their music. Standing out to us by being a 2-piece with a saxophone, they are able to effortlessly create a fun, funky tune that's really enjoyable to listen to and dance to. Think Surfer psych-rock on steroids. Songs to check out are: 'Fruits of Labour', 'Auto Loser' & 'The Worker'.


Bess Atwell - MUSHROOM AUDITORIUM: RNCM - 14:15 -14:45

We came across Bess Atwell this time last year, with her 2021 album Already, Always and was instantly hooked with her voice. Peacefully drifting to a place in the sky, her music reminds us of a warm bubble bath with simple yet effective melodies which get caught in your mind. Listen to 'Time Comes In Roses', 'Co-op' & 'Cherry Baby'.


Gwenno - MUSHROOM AUDITORIUM: RNCM - 19:30 - 20:30

Critically- acclaimed Welsh artist Gwenno will be at this year's festival! We are super excited as we have heard rumours about how magical she is live. using Welsh and as of her recent album Tresor almost entirely in Cornish. She creates an atmosphere with her music, which feels nostalgic and exudes a sense of whimsicality with the use of synths and looping techniques. check out 'N.Y.C.A.W.', 'Tir Ha Mor' & 'Tresor'.


Ghost Woman - OXFORD ROAD CORRIDOR: DEAF INSTITUTE - 00:45 - 01:30

Arizonan Band Ghost Woman takes Modern Psychedelia to a whole other level which blurs past sounds with contemporary ones to create a laid-back trippy rock which has put them on a rocket to success. With their recent release of their album Ghost Woman, they have captured our hearts with great songs such as 'Do You' , 'Demons' & 'All The time'. Addictively delicious, make sure you check them out!


Kurt Vile & the Violators - MAIN STAGE: ALBERT HALL - 21:45 - 23:15

One of the biggies this year is Kurt Vile & the Violators who are infamous for the blending of indie riffs and psychedelic rhythms, his voice is uniquely raw, fun and memorable, especially in songs such as 'Pretty Pimpin'' & 'Walking On A Pretty Day'. Throwing out hit after hit, we are sure to be one of the first at his set on Saturday, jamming along with him and his band. Check out 'Flying (Like A Fast Train)' in the meantime.


Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - MPF STAGE: RITZ BALLROOM - 18:45 -19:30

We cannot go without mentioning the iconic Psychedelic Porn Crumpets who come all the way from Perth, Australia. Their sound is evidently influenced by the 60s and 70s rock movement, but with their own stoner twist that pushes them into the modern day. sleek, slick and Skilful - want an entry point, their 2016 album High Visceral, pt 1 is all you need. make sure to listen to 'Gurzle', 'Cornflake' & 'Social Candy'.


The Lucid Dream - SCARLETT FIELDS: GORILLA - 19:45 - 20:30

Northern band The Lucid Dream is truly psychedelic with their infinitely progressive sounds that feel cosmically trippy. They embody the early days of psychedelia, igniting you on a whimsical journey with songs such as 'Bad Texans', 'The Emptiest Place' & 'High And Wild' that does indeed feel like a Lucid Dream.



Looking at the lineup this year we fell across Manchester-based band Duvet. only found the two songs 'Clown Clown Clown' & 'Running Around In Circles' we love them and can't wait to see what they bring to the stage. Drawn instantaneously by their upbeat and perky 80s -Esque melodies coupled with punchy vocals and hard-hitting guitars - we were hooked. Check them out!!


So that's it. We would love to do a feature for every artist but I don't get paid enough for that. But here's a trickle of what to expect at Manchester Psych fest 2022. We are super duper excited, and canny wait to see you there... Just be sure to turn up early as the venues can only hold so many! Groove on Manchester.


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